ROH Supercard Of Honor XII Results and Review


Let’s delve into Ring Of Honor: Supercard of Honor XII, ROH’s Wrestlemania event! The show started with a video package combining backstage promos with the graphics for the matches tonight. When we went to the live crowd, we got the rare pyrotechnics! The crowd looked HUGE. Like honestly, this crowd size is no joke. It looks like the size of past NXT Takeovers.


Chuckie T w/ Beretta vs. Jonathan Gresham


Our opening match is Chuckie T versus Jonathan Gresham. Honestly, I’m not familiar with Gresham, and this match will be my first impression of him. Chuck tried for a Moonsault early in the match but Gresham dodged. He hit a Huricanrana off the ropes right after. Gresham did the first dive of the night, completely missing Chuckie T and landing on his head/neck. That was terribly botched and looked bad. Hard to tell who’s fault that was.


I saw a funny spot outside the ring where Chuckie T got Irish Whipped into Beretta, where the hugged. Chuckie hit Soul Food, then Jonathan hit a Springboard DDT. Chuckie T got a Cradle for a three count. This match was pretty good. It was the short but sweet distance that I like to see in an opening match. Gresham nearly killed himself with that dive spot, which took a lot away from the match for me.


Punishment Martinez vs. Tomohiro Ishii


Punishment Martinez faces Tomohiro Ishii in the second contest. Martinez had a special entrance by coming out of a coffin. Ishii came out with his RevPro belt which he won last night. Early in the match, Martinez a dive over the corner turnbuckle, and landed on his head too. This spot was crazy, but was also sloppy and botched. He did make it up with a clean dive right after. I’m happy that his career didn’t end with that spot. Ishii did a Superplex, and got a two count. Martinez hit a Chokeslam for the three count.


Honestly, this match wasn’t too good in my opinion. I feel like Martinez couldn’t have messed up worse with that dive. The finish felt very sudden and out of nowhere.


Adam Page vs. Kota Ibushi


Kota Ibushi returns to ROH to face Adam Page. In a promo earlier this week (I assume), Page claimed that Ibushi was a home wrecker for the Bullet Club. In this match there was a crazy spot when Page did attempted a Moonsault off a guardrail but Ibushi did a German Suplex off it instead. This was a cool spot, except Page got dropped on his head once again. Somewhat of a sloppy spot once again. Page hit a piledriver type of move for a two count. Ibushi teased a Piledriver on the apron, but Page reversed it into a Back Bodydrop.


Page did a Moonsault off the top rope to the outside onto Ibushi. Page and Ibushi traded strikes in the ring, with Page winning the exchange. Ibushi hit a Golden Star Powebomb for a two count. He followed it up with a German and a V-Trigger. Ibushi won the match with that.


Other than that one slip up, this match was honestly really good. Ibushi and Page are both great wrestlers and they proved it with this match.


Kelly Klein vs. Sumie Sakai (Women Of Honor Championship Match)


In this match, ROH crowned their first Women Of Honor Champion. Before the bell rang, Sumie went for Klein. Klein hit a Snap-Suplex outside the ring. As the match was nearing it’s close, many other female wrestlers came out and stood at ringside to support Klein and Sakai. Kelly lost the match after a DDT. The finish seemed kind of unexpected, and lame. Honestly that could have been a mistake finish.


Flip Gordon & The Young Bucks vs. So-Cal Uncensored (ROH 6-Man Tag Title Match) (Ladder Match)


Our first match for championships tonight is Gordon and The Young Bucks versus So-Cal Uncensored in a Ladder Match. Nick did a Corkscrew dive to the outside very early in the match. Kazarian did a crazy Cutter off the top of a ladder. The Bucks/Gordon trio did a Triple Superkick to Kazarian, with a ladder on his head. Gordon did a Monkey Flip onto a Ladder then did a dive to the outside.


The Young Bucks did a Magic Killer to Daniels onto a ladder. The Young Bucks hit a Cease And Desist through a ladder. Gordon did a dive to the outside off of a ladder onto So-Cal Uncensored. Nick then jumped from ladder to ladder, then onto the top rope, then onto So-Cal Uncensored. The Young Bucks climbed the ladders, but then three guys came from the ring and attacked them. The Kingdom hit a Rockstar Supernova on a Buck. Once The Kingdom left, all 6 men got on ladders in the ring. One by one, a wrestler would get knocked off the ladders. Gordon hit his head hard on a ladder on the way down. That spot looked rough.


Kazarian hit a Code Breaker off the ladder onto Gordon. Kazarian got hit with a Superkick, then a DDT on the apron from the ropes. Scorpio Sky hit a Springboard Cutter onto the apron. Gordon hit a Double Blockbuster off the top ropes onto everyone else. Nick brought out tables afterwards. Gordon and Nick hit dual 450’s off the top rope through a table. Daniels and Matt Jackson were at the top of a ladder. Matt got thrown off a ladder, and hit an Elbow Drop onto a Kingdom member through a table on the way down. Daniels was the last one left, and took a belt to win the match.


Wow. Just wow, this match was amazing. I wasn’t big on any of the Kingdom stuff, but the match was seriously thrilling. After the match, The Kingdom stole the belts and ran away.


Jay Lethal & Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. The Briscoes (ROH World Tag Team Title Match)


Back from intermission, we had another match for titles. Lethal teamed with Tanahashi to face The Briscoes. Lethal did a Tope Suicida outside the ring, which was nice. Tanahashi came in the ring late in the match and was on a roll. As Lethal had a Briscoe in a leg move, Tanahashi was going to attempt the High Fly Flow. It was broken up, and Mark Briscoe hit an Elbow Drop instead. Mark hit a Fisherman Buster but Tanahashi broke up the pin. Tanahashi hit a Cross Body to outside the ring, and Lethal hit a Lethal Injection inside the ring for a two count.


Lethal tried for a Lethal Injection but it got reversed into a German Suplex. The Briscoes hit a Doomsday Device for the win. As much as I literally hate The Briscoes, they won. Did I expect them to win? Yeah, totally. Despite Lethal and Tanahashi being big names, I don’t think they were just going to hand the belts to them since they aren’t a formal team.


Silas Young vs. Kenny King (ROH TV Title Match)


Before the next match, Austin Aries came out. With five belts this time. He challenges whoever wins the next match to a fight farther down the line. Early in the match, King got dropped out of the ring and through a table. Silas then threw King all around the ring like he was a ragdoll. Kenny King hit a Blockbuster off the apron to the outside. That spot looked painful. Kenny King did a Frogsplash off the top rope to the outside, through a table. It was amazing. Kenny King got his feet tied by a Beer City Bruiser who was under the ring, making him get counted out. Silas Young wins. After the match, Austin Aries saved King from a beatdown.


This match had some crazy spots and all, and the finish was clever, but the middle of the match was sort of boring for me. Still enjoyable overall.


Cheeseburger & Bully Ray vs. Will Ferrara & Rhett Titus


Cheeseburger and Eli Ison come out to face Will Ferrara and Rhett Titus. Eli got attacked before the match started. Cheeseburger needed a new partner for the match to happen. He asked Bully Ray to team with him. Even though Bully and Cheeseburger were teaming, Bully eventually did a turn and Chokeslammed Cheeseburger. Afterwards, he cut a promo about how he hates “his kind”. Thankfully, he clarified moments later and said that he’s talking about Cheeseburger’s generation. Flip Gordon was mentioned, and came out minutes later.


Bully Ray threatens to Piledrive Cheeseburger if Flip comes any closer. He Powerbombed Cheeseburger then left the ring. Well, this was a pretty weak segment to be honest. This show was very, very long, and this felt unnecessary. This could have been something that they could have aired on ROH TV, not a PPV.


Cody vs. Kenny Omega


The highly anticipated grudge match between Cody and Kenny Omega is next. A bear, Brandi Rhodes, and a security team accompanied Cody to the ring. Kenny Omega’s entrance included pyro. He was billed out of Winnipeg, which got a reaction out of me, as someone who also lived in Winnipeg. Ribbons upon ribbons were thrown into the ring for Omega. On the tale of the tape, Omega was billed as 6’0, and Cody was billed at 5’9. This makes no sense because Cody is visibly taller than Kenny. Not sure why they did this. Early in the match, Kenny was about to go for a dive, but the bear at ringside grabbed his leg. Kenny landed on the bear hard at ringside, making his mascot head fall off. Kenny then threw the head into the crowd.


Cody was thrown a weapon by Brandi. When the ref noticed it and was putting it away, Cody kicked Kenny in-between the legs. Omega hit a Moonsault late in the match, but Cody put his knees up, Kenny hit a Frankensteiner, then dove to the outside. Omega hit a Snap German Suplex after a combo of moves and reversals. He hit another one a moment later. Cody teased doing a Piledriver on the apron, but Kenny reversed it into a German Suplex. Kenny got thrown down onto the edge of a table later on. Ouch. Omega aimed for a V-Trigger onto Cody, but hit Brandi Rhodes, who was on the apron. She went through a table outside the ring, too. Back in the ring, Cody hit a Cross-Rhodes for a two count.


Omega dodged a Moonsault, then did knee strikes to Cody. He hit a V-Trigger, but Cody kicked out. He tried for a One Winged Angel, but Cody raked the eyes and hit a Verta-Breaker instead. Kenny kicked out at two. A ref was taken out with a spot, then The Young Bucks came out. They try to Superkick Cody, but he dodges and they hit Kenny instead. Cody hits the Cross-Rhodes and gets the pin to win the match.


I thought this match had amazing storytelling. This was match of the night for me. No doubt about it.


Marty Scurll vs. Dalton Castle (ROH World Championship Match)


4 hours deep into this show, it’s finally time for the last match. This match was much slower paced than the one before. Scurll did a crazy move where he Back Bodydropped Castle onto the stairs near the stage. Late in the match, Scurll was handed a blade or something at ringside from Magnus. He wedged it in a corner of the ring. After a weird powder spot and Marty breaking one of Todd Sinclair’s fingers, Castle hit the Bangarang. Sinclair had broken fingers, and couldn’t count the pinfall. Once a new ref came out, Marty put Castle in the Chickenwing. Castle hit another Bangarang for the win.


This match went way too long. The show was just under five hours. It was an okay match, but wow it tired me out. That wraps up the show.

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