GCW Bloodsport iPPV Results 04/05/18





Matches could only be won by submission or knockout. The ropes were also removed from the ring.

1Dominic Garrini (w/Tom Lawlor) submitted KTB with a triangle choke.

Eddie Kingston (w/Matt Riddle) defeated “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams (w/Wheeler YUTA) via Knockout with the Backfist to the Future.

MASADA defeated Martin Stone by knockout, elbowing Stone in the forehead while trapping him in a triangle submission.

WALTER submitted “Filthy” Tom Lawlor (w/Dominic Garrini) to the Gojira Clutch.

Dan Severn knocked out Chris Dickinson (w/Jaka) with a rear-naked choke.
– Unhappy with the referee’s decision, Dickinson attacked Severn after the match. Riddle and Jaka separated the two.

Nick Gage pummeled Timothy Thatcher into a knockout for the victory.


Minoru Suzuki knocked out Matt Riddle (w/Eddie Kingston) with a Sleeper Hold.


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