EVOLVE 103 Results and Review


The absolutely chaotic weekend continues with EVOLVE 103.


Austin Theory vs. Keith Lee (FIP World Heavyweight Championship Match) (WWN Championship Match)


Before our first match we had a slightly awkward opening skit. When it ended, I heard someone in the crowd say “that was the worst promo ever!”. After that, we have Keith Lee versus Austin Theory. Looking at the crowd during the entrances, you can tell that this show did not do too well. RevPro was doing a show in the same time slot, and obviously did better numbers. I highly doubt that it’s anything about it being a early-evening show, because they nearly soldout a show in a similar time slot yesterday. But anyways, the first match was Theory and Lee defending their respective belts.


This match went for a long time. Theory hit Lee with a low blow when the ref was down, then hit a TKO for the three count. This makes Theory the holder of both championships. Personally, I thought this match was decent. I feel like it’s sort of lame to make a heel win cheap on the first match of the show, since that kills the crowd’s mood.


Dom Garrini vs. Timothy Thatcher


The second match on this show was not for any title. Thatcher of Ring Kampf faced Dom Garrini. Garrini has a very ground-based style of fighting, for anyone who hasn’t seen him before this (me). This match ended very quickly with some sort of slam variation from Thatcher. It seemed very quick of a finish, which caught me off guard. Personally this match wasn’t that good in my opinion. I liked the opening minutes, but the finish just kind of ended.


Jason Kincaid vs. DJZ vs. AR Fox vs. Chris Brookes


Our next match is a four way. Before our next match, Jarek came out and jumped Kincaid. It was very weird, because he barely attacked him then fled the scene. DJZ came out with a cool light outfit, then AR Fox came out with his posse of around 6. Honestly, that was a great entrance because it woke up the crowd somewhat. Brookes was the fourth member of this match. Fox’s posse had to leave the scene before the match started.


DJZ did a dive to the outside onto Fox and Brookes, and Kincaid followed it up with a Casket Drop onto all three wrestlers. Fox did a dive over the corner onto all three fighters. This match had tons of crazy moves. DJZ did a Stun Gun to someone while that person was doing a DDT. That move was very satisfying to me. DJZ did a Double Stomp off of two guys, then did a 450 onto a guy on the mat. This match was absolutely crazy. Fox won the match with a Fisherman Buster. This match was absolutely crazy, but just like the one before, felt like it had no real proper finish.


Chris Dickinson vs. Mark Haskins


The next match on the card is Dickinson versus Haskins. Around 10 minutes into the match, Haskins shoulder or something started to bleed. This match was slower paced, but was very good. Dickinson won with a leg hold. Not much to say about this match. Afterwards, both guys shook hands.


Tracy Williams vs. WALTER


Williams faces WALTER in the fifth match. This match was one that I was very excited for. Both of these guys are wrestlers which I enjoy. Williams did a Frogsplash off the top rope which was amazing because he got so much air time. Williams countered a Rear Naked Choke into a Chinlock. WALTER escaped. When WALTER tried the Rear Naked Choke the second time, Tracy Williams passed out, giving WALTER the win. This match was decent, but nothing huge.


Jaka vs. Munenori Sawa


EVOLVE regular Jaka faces Munenori Sawa in the next matchup. These two guys fought outside the ring a little early on in the match. Munenori won this match. This was one of the more enjoyable matches on the card. Sawa and Jaka sold this match as an all out war. They hugged after the fight.


Daisuke Sekimoto vs. Matt Riddle (EVOLVE Championship Match)


After Riddle put on a spectacular match last night against Minoru Suzuki, he headlines this show against Sekimoto. This was the first time that I had watched a Sekimoto match. It really enjoyed him. Riddle got a 2 count from a Fisherman Buster. Riddle did a leg move on the ropes, but the ref never did a rope break. Sekimoto eventually found his way out of the move.


Riddle won the match after trading of moves. Via TKO, Riddle won the match while doing hammer fists. This was a pretty good match. I liked the TKO spot. This was the best match on the card.


Overall, this show was a let down for me. It felt like EVOLVE sort of phoned in this show. I enjoyed a couple matches, but the rest was very boring for me.


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