How far can you scam someone? This person scam a wrestling community.

I don’t know if you have been following, but, the wrestling community got scammed by their own. What do I mean by? Well, in the last few weeks or so, a woman, Abbey Arthur, has scam to her followers, who are part of the wrestling community, with lies saying that she has cancer, but, one thing is for sure, it wasn’t the case. You see Abbey is a criminal. Her crime? Well, a lot, but her latest is a DUI, which she end up faking in her hearing that with the evidence she says that she had cancer was nothing more then fake. There are other things that I could say, but, all of it is online on twitter with the hashtag #AbbeysCancerScam.All this started last October with her getting the DUI and to scam a lot of people to a sum of $10,000 to pay her DUI is beyond ridiculous. But, why would she do this? Well, because Abbey is a jerk and she has trick those who follow her. As for me, I kinda had a feeling about this when she tweeted at Kenny Omega, but it was more when a good twitter user, DramaLlama of Truth, expose Abbey. I was really angry upon hearing this and know that both my brother and my mother had battle cancer as well as my favorite wrestler, Tim Donst. They had something, but not what Abbey was touting on twitter.

When this happened, a lot of people had to react to it, including some wrestlers, who Abbey gained their trust. She duped a lot of people who she trust, especially to those who she has write for about New Japan Pro Wrestling and any British pro wrestling promotions.

It was a war that had to happen. With the allies of Melina, Luna, and Italian Oranges, and some broad help from David Bixenspin and Ryan Satin, Abbey Arthur got exposed and let me just say, there will be more from this, as Abbey is in jail. A local NBC affiliate, WALB, has reported that Abbey was in court a few days ago, which the judge has says that her stomach has wounds with bubble gum.

Here is the article that is going on:

She is going to be serving a long time for this. There are charges that are stacking up and she has to go through a mental evaluation for what she has done.

Wrestling matters to those who loves pro wrestling and for a scammer who scammed, she’s done for. Never mess with the wrestling community.

Lindsie Starr

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