RAW 2/19/18 Results and Review


The RAW started with a moment of silence for the tragedy that happened at a Florida School this week. After that, Roman Reigns comes out. This episode of RAW was show in Phoenix, Arizona. Roman is set for a gauntlet match.


Elimination Chamber Gauntlet Match


Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns start in the gauntlet. The fight between these first two lasted a long time. We were nearly thirty minutes into the program when Roman was eliminated. Seth got the victory by countering a roll-up with one of his own. John Cena is the next entrant. The story for this second fight was that Rollins was absolutely dead but refused on giving up. Cena hit one AA and tried to hit another, but Rollins reversed it into a Curbstomp to eliminate Cena. We are now one hour into RAW.


Elias was next up. Elias was able to eliminate him. This put major heat on him. Balor hit a Coup De Grace on Elias to eliminate him. The Miz came out next. The Miz used a next level strategy. The Miztourage ran down the ramp, distracting Balor. The Miz came from behind and attacked him. The Miz picked the scraps of Balor. The last entrant in the match is Braun Stroman. As you would expect, Braun Stroman. After the match, Stroman laid out the Miztourage as well. Stroman attacked The Miz once again afterwards.

This match was a great way to promote the Chamber. The crowd was on the edge of their seats the whole time.


Asuka comes to the ring. She gets interviewed by Renee Young. After the interview, Nia Jax comes out and attacks her. She does a leg drop to end the assault.


The Bar vs. Titus Worldwide


Titus Worldwide are given attempt to give their team another chance, if they win this fight. As I predicted (and probably a lot of other people), Titus Worldwide won. They will probably get another shot at the PPV. Pre-show assumingly.


Sasha Banks, Bayley & Mickie James vs. Absolution w/ Paige & Alexa Bliss


The main event this evening is a 6-woman tag match to promote the Women’s elimination chamber match. Sasha got the win for her team via the Bank Statement on Bliss. After the match, Absolution attack the babyfaces. Absolution almost beat up Alexa, but Mickie James came in for the save. This ended RAW.


This was an okay episode of RAW. The final hour felt painfully slow. The first match was a good change of pace, but it did bore me a little near the end.


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