Rockstar Spud Reportedly Signed With WWE


Winner of TNA’s British Bootcamp, and long-time pro wrestler for Impact Wrestling, Rockstar Spud is reportedly signing with WWE. Mike Johnson of PWInsider is currently reporting that once the paperwork with visas and such are done, Rockstar Spud will start working for WWE. Johnson says that they are planning on putting Spud in the Cruiserweight division. The article doesn’t specify if Spud will go through NXT, but I’m guessing he won’t. Many of the 205 Live wrestlers were in Performance Centre classes while on 205 Live.

Rockstar Spud has been in the business since 2001, but got his big break in 2012 when he was on Impact Wrestling’s British Bootcamp. The show aired on British channelĀ Challenge (the same channel that aired Impact Wrestling at the time), with the premise of the show being that TNA was looking for a new British Wrestler. Since then, Spud has done many gimmicks in TNA, and has won the X Division Championship two times.

With his weight being well under 205 lbs (140 lb according to Wikipedia), Rockstar Spud will be a good fit for 205 Live.


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