Bobby Roode Makes An Official Farewell From NXT


Bobby Roode making his entrance inside the Mattamy Athletic Centre.

In his home province of Ontario, Canada, Bobby Roode made his official departure from NXT tonight. Bobby Roode faced Patrick Clark, AKA The Velveteen Dream, in the last match before the intermission. During the match, Clark got on the mic and mentioned that Bobby’s wife is ringside for this match. Bobby Roode won the match via a Glorious DDT.

Bobby Roode’s “Glorious DDT” that was delivered to win the match.

Bobby made his official farewell due to him getting called up to Smackdown Live on August 22, a couple days after Summerslam. That weekend, Bobby lost his NXT Championship to Drew McIntyre. Drew McIntyre also made an appearance on this show, main eventing the card.

Roode got a big reaction by the Mattamy Athletic after the match, with many giving him a standing ovation. To say the least he took his time leaving the ring, really taking in the atmosphere. The fans tonight got to see a couple other Canadian wrestlers, with Aliyah and Tye Dillinger also making appearances, winning their respective matches. With Roode’s NXT career in the books, we look towards his future on Smackdown Live.


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