WWE RAW 8/14/17 Results and Review


Welcome to another RAV review. It’s the go home show for Summerslam! Let’s waste no time and get into the review.

Opening Segment


This episode starts with a recap of what has happened in the past few weeks between Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. This recap was pretty long, around 3 minutes long. After that, we cut to the live feed in Boston where Dean Ambrose is coming to the ring. Dean comes out and calls Seth Rollins to the ring to sort this out. Seth comes out. Dean asks Seth “What are you doing?”. Seth asks Dean what is he doing. Seth offers to become a team once again but Dean says “You have got to be kidding me!”. Dean talks about how Seth said no when he put his fist out last week. Dean slaps the mic away from Seth. They both stand around for a while, then Dean puts his fist out. Seth thinks about it for a second, then turns around. Dean turns him around again and pushes him. They start to brawl. Ambrose starts shouting at Seth while he is down. When Dean turns his back Seth jumps him again. Cesaro and Sheamus’ music hits. They come out to “pick the bones” of Seth and Dean.


Seth and Dean eventually pick up enough power to fight off Cesaro and Sheamus. When Cesaro and Sheamus flee, Seth and Dean stare eachother down again. They both put their fists out, and unite as Shield again. The crowd pops quite a bit from this. Kurt Angle comes out and grants Seth and Dean a match against Cesaro and Sheamus at Summerslam.


This segment was good, and they have done a good job of building up Rollins and Ambrose up to this point, but I have an issue with how the tag team champs were portrayed. I feel that it really buries the tag team champs by making them lose a brawl to two dudes who were fighting beforehand. It makes the tag champs look so weak.


Nia Jax vs Sasha Banks


When we get back from the break, the three commentators wish Ric Flair best wishes in his health issues recently. They said that he is better after surgery today but is not out of the clear. My thoughts and prayers also go out to Ric Flair. Alright. Our next match is Nia Jax versus Sasha Banks. The winner faces Alexa Bliss at Summerslam this Sunday. Before the match starts, Alexa Bliss comes out and sits down on a wooden throne outside the ring.


The match starts with Sasha doing strikes then hitting the ropes. When Sasha hits the ropes, Nia completely runs her over. We go to the break. Back from the break, Sasha is fighting back from Nia. Nia headbutts Sasha, who is on the apron. Nia goes outside the ring. She takes a kick from Sasha. Sasha tries for the double knees outside the ring but Nia catches her and throws her into the barricade.


Back in the ring, Sasha gets thrown around twice by Nia, then run over by Nia once. Nia does a legdrop, then goes for the pin. Sasha barely kicks out. Nia picks up Sasha for a move, but Sasha reverses it into a roll-up. Nia kicks out. Sasha puts some sort of chinlock on Nia while on the back of Nia, but Nia reverses it into a Samoan Drop. Banks barely gets her arm under a rope during a pin. Nia picks up Sasha again and does a Samoan Drop. Sasha rolls out of the ring to avoid pinfall. Nia rolls her back in the ring.


Back in the ring, Sasha tries for a roll-up but gets a two. Nia misses an elbow. We got to break again. Back from the break once again, Sasha is on the top rope, with Nia climbing to the top too. Nia tries for a Superplex but Sasha reverses with repeated elbows. Sasha tries for a Sunset Flip but couldn’t get it so she kicks the back of Nia’s leg then goes for her corner Double Knees. Nia kicks out of another pin.


Sasha puts Nia in the Bank Statement after a move by Nia. Sasha does a DDT to bring Nia back to the middle of the ring for another Banks Statement. Nia taps, and Sasha Banks wins.


I mean, a large amount of this match happened during the commercial break, but the end of the match was pretty good. Also, you already know that the crowd will be pretty invested in Bliss versus Banks. I mean, who would care to see a heel vs heel match at Summerslam.


Back from the break, Balor and Wyatt are brawling backstage. Kurt Angle says to both guys that they don’t have to wait for Summerslam, they are fighting tonight.


Elias vs R-Truth


R-Truth is set to have a match against Elias. As R-Truth is making his entrance, Elias attacks him. That’s it really, whatever.


Big Cass, Enzo Amore and Big Show Segment


Big Cass comes out to the ring and cuts a promo. He can’t get through the first sentence of the promo because people keep booing him. He eventually moves on in his promo. Big Cass says that Enzo is friends with Big Show because he needs somebody to go to bat for him. Based off what this rivalry has shown so far, that statement is actually pretty true! As Cass is wrapping up his promo, Enzo comes out. Enzo mocks Cass for stopping his promo many times due to the booing. Enzo introduces Big Show. Him and show walk down to the ramp together. Big Show and Cass start fighting, until out of nowhere Gallows and Anderson come in. Show sets up for a Double Chokeslam on Gallows and Anderson until Big Cass stops him with a Big Boot.


They use the shark cage door that is in the ring to slam it into Big Show’s hand. This ends the segment. This was fine I guess. I still really don’t like this rivalry. Big Cass is 100% right when he says that Enzo is hiding behind The Big Show. It’s totally what he is doing.


Akira Tozawa vs Neville (WWE Cruiserweight Title Match)


This next match is for the Cruiserweight Championship. This match starts with Tozawa going for a roll-up pin. The two do some quick moves, then do a stare-down once again. Neville tries for a kick but Tozawa reverses it into a dropkick. Tozawa does some chops in the corners. Neville kicks Tozawa away. Neville gets whipped into the corner. He tries for a dive but it misses. Tozawa successfully got Neville out of the ring. Neville goes back in the ring but then gets brought back out of the ring as we go to the break.


Later on, after the break, Neville hit a Superplex on Tozawa. Late in the match, Neville tried for a Red Arrow but Tozawa dodged it. Tozawa went to the top rope and did a Senton Bomb. He went for the pin, and won the match. Akira Tozawa is the new Cruiserweight Champion. The crowd was very loud for this. Maybe the loudest pop that 205 Live or the Cruiserweight Division has ever seen. I loved this segment and all, but man, why couldn’t they do this at Summerslam? It was an amazing match….. That would have all the better at Summerslam.


Finn Balor vs Bray Wyatt


Our next match is Bray versus Finn. This, like the last match was originally planned for Summerslam. For some reason, they are fighting tonight instead. Before and after the break, Wyatt is dominating. Wyatt did a crazy “collision” with Finn in mid-air almost. It was crazy. Wyatt called for the Sister Abgail, but Balor fought out of it and did a stomp. Outside the ring, Balor dropkicked Bray who was up against a barricade. Balor went to the top rope and got stopped by Wyatt, then he was dragged to the middle of the ring for a Sister Abgail. Wyatt went for the pin and won the match.


Again, this match was good, but… Why couldn’t they save it for Summerslam? After the match, the lights go out. When they come back on, Wyatt has a bucket. Wyatt goes over to the hurt Finn in the corner and pours what looks to be a blood like liquid on him. Whatever it is, it is stinging Finn’s eyes. That ends the segment. That was really, really weird, but whatever.


Emma vs Mickie James


The next match this evening is Emma versus Mickie James. Early in this match Mickie is ahead. She does a nice kick and goes for the pin but only gets a 2 count. James goes to the top rope but gets knocked off and falls to outside the ring. Emma brings James back in the ring and pins her for a 2 count. Emma puts James in a Full Nelson, but James escapes. Mickie kicks Emma in the head and goes to the top rope but Emma kicks her down. Emma does two pins that Mickie kicked out of. James does a kick that takes out Emma. The crowd was absolutely dead for this. The match felt like it ended a little abruptly.


The Miz vs Jason Jordan


After what happened last week between The Miz and Jason Jordan, they will face each other this week. Early on Jason Jordan was close to winning, but the Miztourage ran in the ring and attacked him. It was a 3-on-1 beatdown until The Hardy Boyz come in for the save. The babyfaces win the brawl.

Not a bad segment, I thought it was good to not give Jordan the win yet. They should really build up this title match. They still need to take a few weeks to build Jordan as more of a babyface, but also, if the Miztourage interfere again, they could be banned from the title match when it eventually happens.


Jason Jordan, Jeff Hardy & Matt Hardy vs The Miz, Curtis Axel & Bo Dallas


After we get back from the break we see an impromptu 6-man tag match. Bo Dallas hit Jeff with a Swinging Neckbreaker near the end for a close count. He kicked out, and later on Jeff hit him with a Twist of Fate, but that pin got broken up. Jason Jordan did a Belly-to-belly, Matt Hardy hit a Twist of Fate, and Jeff Hardy hit a Swanton Bomb to win the match.


To be honest this match was pretty good. I usually find the impromptu 6-man matches lame, but this one had a pretty exciting finish to it. Pairing the Hardyz with Jordan is a good way to give him more attention. I thought that this was well done.


Summerslam Face To Face To Face To Face


It is now time for the face, to face, to face, to face for the Summerslam Fatal-Four-Way match. Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman come out first. Paul Heyman cuts a 5 or 6 minute long promo about Brock and how he thinks that Kurt Angle is plotting against him. Samoa Joe comes out next. He doesn’t say too much. Braun Stroman comes out third. When Reigns comes out, it becomes mayhem. Reigns spears Joe. Braun slams Reigns and he rolls out of the ring. Braun and Lesnar are in the ring. Before they get to fight, security at ringside break them up. WWE wrestlers come out in an attempt to break up the two. They get free every once in a while. The show ends with this happening.


This was a GREAT way to promote the main event. You can tell that the main focus will be Stroman and Lesnar this weekend. I can not wait for this match. I am a little confused about how in this segment, when Reigns and Joe fought, the security didn’t do anything, but when Lesnar and Storman do literally nothing, they intervene? That didn’t make much sense to me. But anyways, that wraps up this show. Hope you enjoyed the review.


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