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The Yellow Brand is all set up to deliver this week with Drew McIntyre and Bobby Roode set to have a face to face discussion ahead of Takeover, as well as the debut of the FUTURE NXT tag team champions The Street Profits. And things kick off in a hurry here as Sanity storms the ring from the crowd and call out The Authors of Pain.

Sanity and Authors of Pain Confrontation

As the champs and Paul Ellering make their way down to the ring to answer Sanity, they get jumped from behind by ERIC YOUNG! He ends up isolating Rezar outside the ring and ziptying him to a guardrail at ringside, while Killian Dain and Alexander Wolfe lay waste to Akam inside the ring. E.Y. eventually joins them and they leave Akam in a heap as Rezar manages to break the guardrail and drag it to the ring. He gets stopped by the upcoming title challengers and is taking out as well. Nikki Cross goes to grab the title belts and hands them to Dain and Wolfe and the segments ends with Sanity posing over the fallen champs. Will history repeat itself next weekend at Takeover?

My Take: Eric Young is back and that will add such a fantastic dynamic to this feud in my opinion. Him on the mic will help things alot and he’ll be able to provide guidance from ringside, which is one of the things he does best in Sanity. There is nothing like hearing E.Y. yelling instructions to his charges, especially live.

Now up is footage of last week’s Asuka/Ember Moon confrontation that ended with the NXT Women’s Champion falling to an Eclipse from the challenger. Mauro then informs us that the two will see each other again during a contract signing. Asuka is probably going to kick Moon’s head off, or at least she will have to in order to save some face. Should be fun. Then before break, we are informed that the Street Profits are up next. I skipped through the commercials, I’m too excited.

But they were not immediately next. Footage from earlier today plays of Billie Kay and Peyton Royce doing a makeup tutorial down at the PC. They quickly spot Ruby Riot in the background on the phone and they start to make fun of her. They both proclaim that she ruined the video and they turn it off. I love them but hey, we got Street Profits on deck.

The Metro Brothers (Chris and JC Metro) vs Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford)

Finally, here we are. The Metro Brothers are out first and they look like Deuce and Domino. But I will reserve judgement because Mauro mentions that they were trained by The Dudley Boyz. Next out were the future champs and man are they over already. Lots of dancing and chanting during their entrance. Someone in the crowd even held up a GIANT red Solo cup like the one Montez Ford is never without. Fun entrance. As for the action, I had forgotten just how agile Ford can be and I never really thought of Dawkins as quick, but he really is. Mix all that with Dawkins’ strength and you can how dynamic their offense could be in the future. It’s been quite a while since I enjoyed a squash match. The Metro Bros were never in this one and were finished off in short order by a pop up spinebuster from Dawkins followed by a frog splash from Ford.

My Take: It’s early but Street Profits have a really good foundation to work with. I wasn’t expecting the NXT Universe to take to them right away but the fact that they have is a big plus. I’m excited to see more of them, And shout out to my fellow Cincinnatian Dawkins!

After that big debut, we see some bonus footage from last week of Hideo Itami attacking Aleister Black outside of Full Sail and then a little talk from Mauro about their match next weekend at Takeover.

NXT Champion Bobby Roode and Drew McIntyre Face-Off

William Regal is in the ring and sets the scene for the main event of Takeover before introducing both the challenger and the champion. Roode goes through his entrance and then has about 8 security guards standing close by as he makes his way to the ring. The champ starts off things on the mic and says his security is here to stop Roderick Strong from “messing up the money in the Takeover main event”. He continues railing on McIntyre about second chances. McIntyre focuses on talking about how Roode talks the talk, and doesn’t walk the walk. Roderick Strong’s music hits and Regal immediately tries to defuse Strong. Roddy talks about how it’s personal between him and Roode. Regal tries to shut Roddy down again but this time Roode interrupts him and starts to tear down Strong. He tells Strong that he can get another crack at him, IF he goes through McIntyre. Regal let’s Roode know that he is the one that makes the matches here, but Strong says it’s fine and to make the match. McIntyre also agrees, and now next week it’s Strong vs. McIntyre and if Strong wins, he gets Roode AFTER Takeover. Roode-McIntyre is still on for Takeover so Roode looks like he will have a big advantage over McIntyre in terms of fatigue.

My Take: Excellent heel work here from Roode. He doesn’t really play the role much but he is really good when he is being a manipulator. I’m going to hate to see Roode move up to the main roster because there really isn’t anyone with solid mic skills that is capable of being a lead heel. We all should enjoy this while it lasts.

We switch gears and are backstage with Johnny Gargano being interviewed backstage. He talks up the magic of Takeover Brooklyn and states that he wants a match there this year as well.

Oney Lorcan vs. Danny Burch

Oh my, the rematch is here and it will be brutal! Alot of feeling each other out early on but Lorcan takes control with a couple of 2 counts. Burch came firing back though with a German suplex and a stiff Tower of London to regain momentum. Hard hitting match here, very stiff with some technical stuff thrown in too. These two beat the snot out of each and then wrestled, and then repeated the cycle. The end really showed that as Lorcan went for a single leg crab (the move he won with a few weeks back), and started to kick Burch as he fought it off. But then Burch started to kick Lorcan back and Lorcan switched to a Boston Crab. After a few moments, Burch was able to flip Lorcan off and grabbed his legs to produce a pinning predicament and get the win. More respect shown between the two after the match.

My Take: Another fun match to watch. These two really work well together. I think I could get behind this feud as a long term program. They should add the rubber match to Takeover honestly. Actually, not SHOULD… the NEED to do it.

No Way Jose vs. Andrade “Cien” Almas (w/ Zelina Vega)

Main event time and this one should be pretty good given that they’ve built toward this for a few weeks now. Almas started his showboating early on and Vega put a stop to it. But then he does it again and gets knocked out of the ring by Jose while doing it. Vega runs over to him and tells him to “Wake up” and “Show him what’s up” and it worked because he tore through NWJ from that point on. After a lazy pin attempt, Vega told Almas to “stop” and “finish him”. Almas quickly obliged and the La Sombra DDT ended this one in pretty quick fashion. After the match, Vega went to the announce table and grabbed a mic. She said that if Johnny Gargano wants an opponent at Takeover, then he’s got one.

My Take: Zelina Vega may end up unleashing Almas’ true potential. And I think NXT will be a whole lot better off for it. He and Gargano may tear the house down at Takeover. Should be a good one. I like where Almas is going now that Vega has him turning the corner.

Another good show this week, although it was a pretty full show. Lots of segments jammed into the hour this week. The buildup for this Takeover has really been pretty good across the board and NXT has done a pretty good job of leveling out the shows and rotating the talent. One more show to go though so lets hope the trend continues. See you guys here next week to find out!



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