Headliner’s Match Of The Week 8-9-17


Texano Jr. vs. Johnny Mundo {C}
AAA World Heavyweight Championship Match
AAA on Televisia – August 5, 2017

The challenger Texano makes his way out to the ring first, Texano gets a good reaction from the crowd.

Born in the USA by Bruce Springsteen begins playing to bring out the champion Johnny Mundo with his collection of titles and an American flag.

Out next is Vampiro who makes an announcement that Hijo Del Fantasma will be the special referee for this contest.

The shenanigans are over and we are finally underway as the bell rings.

Texano hits Mundo with a few back elbows and a tilt a whirl backbreaker to get an early near fall before arguing with the referee. Mundo comes back and attacks Texano and begins to work on his leg. He forces Texano to the ground and stomps his leg a few times before putting on a headlock. Texano makes it his feet and fight out of it Mundo and Texano trade punches before Mundo goes down. Mundo quickly recovers and goes after the leg immediately. Mundo mounts Texano with punches as Fantasma doesn’t approve.

Mundo sends Texano off of the ropes and hits a single let dropkick, Mundo then tries to kick Texano while Texano is on the mat in a seated position on the mat but Texano is able to avoid it by moving out of the way. Texano gets back to a vertical base and puts the champion in a corner of the ring, he chops Mundo twice before sending him off of the ropes but Mundo attempts a sunset flip however Texano sees it coming and rolls through it and kicks Mundo in the side of the head.

Texano goes for a pinfall attempt but only manages to get a near fall on Mundo who kicks out. Texano tries to throw Mundo to the outside of the ring but Mundo lands on the apron jumps down to the floor and pulls Texano to the outside. Mundo nails Texano with a springboard moonsault to the outside as Hijo Del Fantasma is counting them both out.

Both men make it back into the ring, and Mundo forces Texano into one of the corners of the ring. He tries to whip Texano to the opposite corner but Texano manages to reverse it. Johnny finds himself in the corner as Texano is running at him, he is able to duck and lift Texano onto the top rope where Texano finds himself in a precarious position as he lands crotch first on the top rope. Mundo springs off of the rope and hits a springboard single leg kick which sends Texano down to the mat.

Mundo goes for a pin but only gets a near fall, the two men both get back to their feet and they scramble for control in the center of the ring. Mundo pushes Texano into the corner and follows him in. Texano tries to kick Mundo but Mundo grabs Texano’s legs and swings him around so he’s tied up in the ropes. Mundo kicks Texano in the back before running off of the ropes and hitting a whiplash German suplex type maneuver which lands Mundo on the outside of the ring albeit momentarily. Mundo springs to the top rope for the Starship Pain but crashes to the mat as no one is there. Texano recovers and lifts up Mundo and hits him with a modified back breaker for a near fall.

Both men are back to their feet trading punches Mundo gets the advantage after poking Texano in the eye but Texano hits Mundo in the face. Texano sends Mundo off of the rope and hits his leg lariat for a near fall. Mundo goes for his patented flipping neckbreaker but Texano reverses it to hit a sit out powerbomb for a near fall. Mundo rolls to the outside of the ring and crawls to the other side to grab a chair. Mundo brings the chair into the ring and as Texano is arguing with Fantasma, Mundo goes to hit Texano but Texano is able to move out of the way and kicks Mundo in the stomach which causes Mundo to drop the chair. Texano grabs the chair and swings it but Fantasma grabs the other end of it and the two fight over it momentarily. Eventually Fantasma is able to get the chair away from Texano to dispose of it on the outside of the ring. Meanwhile Texano turns around and Mundo hits Texano with a low blow as Fantasma still has his back turned. Mundo rolls Texano up and Fantasma turns around just in time to count the 1-2-3

Match Result: Johnny Mundo defeats Texano Jr. via pinfall after a roll up to retain the AAA World Heavyweight Championship

Match Rating ***3/4

After the match Fantasma grabs the titles to award them to Mundo as Texano looks on Fantasma raises the hand of Mundo as he gets out of the ring.

Good high profile match that definitely delivered, there were tons of post match shenanigans to follow with a million guys coming out of the locker room for a giant brawl but if you choose to watch this one for yourselves/s you’ll definitely see it.

That will do it for me and this edition of “Headliner’s Match Of The Week” until next time I am Nathan saying so long and make sure to enjoy wrestling because that’s what it’s there for!


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