@dom_scurlock NXT Review (7-26-17)


First off, Kassius Ohno is in the main event so this show is already at an 8 out of 10. Let’s switch it up this week…. I will rate the show on a 10 point scale as we go along. I have such high hopes for this episode. I’m actually very excited about it. That excitement apparently is also down at Full Sail as the crowd pops for Ember Moon as she comes out to kick off the show.

Ember Moon vs. Lei’d Tapa

What a surprise here. Tapa’s entrance was extended a bit by her music playing for a while but when she came out, I was shocked. I had heard rumors that she was coming in for the the MYC but I thought they were unfounded once the field was announced. This match itself though, was shorter than Tapa’s entrance. Tapa came out hot, but Moon took over with some kicks and ended things with an Eclipse (a pretty nasty one at that). Afterwards, Moon got on the mic and called out Asuka, and boy did it sound forced. It’s times like this that make me really miss Dusty and wish he were still around to help this next generation. The promo was helped a little by the fact that Tapa was still down in the ring and had to be helped out during Moon’s time on the mic. I like Moon, and I get that they need someone to lead this next group of women in the division but I just wish her mic skills would evolve. And I hope she’s not the one to beat Asuka after already being defeated by her.

Current Show Rating: 7 out of 10. I am pretty pissed they brought Tapa in to job.

Before break, we see that the Authors of Pain will be in action, get a commercial for the Finn Balor 24/7, and get a chilling Aleister Black highlight reel.

NXT Tag Team Champions The Authors of Pain vs. David Ramos & Timothy Bumpers

Well, this one never started, because Nikki Cross stopped AOP during their entrance and that allowed Alexander Wolfe & Killian Dain to attack Ramos & Bumper from behind and rid the world (ring) of them. The champs then calmly walked past her and went into the ring to brawl with the Sanity team. AOP got the best of them but it looks like our next challengers for the belts are set. A big question is, where in the hell is Eric Young?

Current Show Rating: 7 out of 10. Even though AOP dispatched Dain with ease, I cannot wait to see where this goes. The tag division down there has life.

We head to break with a yes, A STREET PROFITS VIGNETTE!  Upon our return, we get a recap of the Andrade “Cien” Almas/No Way Jose feud and then see footage of Zelina Vega issuing a warning to NWJ, on behalf of Almas.

Velveteen Dream vs. Cezar Bononi

Well, the rating dropped the moment Dream came out, and I am not sure it will recover.

I’m sorry, I was actually impressed with the Dream tonight. He finished off Bononi with a very nice Death Valley Bomb, and then hit a flying elbowdrop to pick up the win. And afterwards, he is interviewed on the ramp and makes fun of the NXT Universe before leaving. I actually smiled. I hate to say it but, he scored points with me this week (shut up Ryon).

Current Show Rating: 8 out of 10. Eh.

After that segment, we go to William Regal’s office and he agrees that Moon is ready for Asuka so he makes their title match official for Takeover. I kind of want Asuka to win clean, vacate the belt, and then go to the main roster. It’s time, and she shouldn’t have to lose before going either.

Drew McIntyre Promo

McIntyre thanks the fans for their support during his comeback and then goes into his past WWE life and a “Chosen One” chant breaks out. He then gets very fired up and emotional about his journey, and the fans are solidly behind him. And they really get goin when Drew declares that NXT is not Bobby Roode’s, that it is the people’s. McIntyre has the entire NXT Universe behind him headed into the title match at Takeover. This is going to be a good one.

Current Show Rating: 7 out of 10. My god the timing was so right for a Roode interruption and they missed the boat. The Champ will be on next week though but man it could have been a hit had his music came on during the crowd’s uprising.

Another Black highlight reel plays and we learn that Johnny Gargano will return next week to face Raul Mendoza, who hasn’t been seen since the CWC.

Hideo Itami vs. Kassius Ohno

What a match. This one had it all: technical battles, strike fests, some top rope moves, a little of everything. It also had some dirty moves as well because Itami ended up getting disqualified for kicking Ohno right in the lower regions while Ohno was attempting a rolling elbow. The heel transformation was then completed as Itami beat the living snot out of KO before hitting 3 GTS’, with the final one being a drop on the ring steps instead of a knee. Hideo is officially out of Care Juice, he’s back heel and I love it. Sign me up for more please.

Current Show Rating: 8 out of 10. What an ending to what had started to become an angle that was taking a bit too long to reach its payoff.

Pretty solid show this week. There were no major steps back, and I feel like the Takeover card is starting to form at a good pace even though the show is a month out. Next week should really start to speed the hype train up with Asuka (announced toward the end of the main event) and Bobby Roode making appearances. I’m excited to see them, and gain a little more clarity with Itami, who I think could be TREMENDOUS as a heel in NXT. If you’ve never watched his old heelish work in Pro Wrestling Noah, I suggest doing so.

Well that’s all I got this week…. I will see you here next week for more from the Road To Brooklyn!

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