May-Mac World Tour Makes a Stop In Toronto



The face-off between McGregor and Mayweather at the end of the conference (Taken by Jack Wannan, 2017)

The second stop in the McGregor Mayweather World Tour, Toronto, became a host to a very heated event. The sold out Budweiser Stage held the second press conference, which seemed like an amplified version of the first night. McGregor had the crowd in the palm of his hands, with Mayweather having a tougher time getting a positive reaction.

“The crowd in Los Angeles was probably 95% pro McGregor, and if anything Toronto was closer to 100%” said Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer. McGregor wasn’t just targeting Floyd, he dissed Stephen Espinoza of Showtime Sports, a person who was helping Mayweather with his money bag, and all of the Mayweathers, ordering the crowd to chant “F*** the Mayweathers!”.

The Budweiser Stage, which has a capacity of 16,000, was sold out. I personally was there. I got my tickets for free off Ticketmaster. The noise level of the venue was much louder than what it sounded like when I watched the broadcast. The crowd was so electric at some points that it was hard to hear what was happening on the stage.

It is also worth noting that Toronto’s own Drake made an appearance before the fighters came out, hyping the event up. A performance from Baka Not Nice, a rapper off the OVO label also played a song before the conference kicked off.

A photo of the crowd, around 30 minutes before the two fighters took the stage. (Photo taken by Jack Wannan, 2017)

There is two more World Tour dates left, with New York and London being the two sites for the festivities. The fight is quickly gaining more traction as we head towards August 26, when we will get the culmination of all of these activities.


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