A Hero Returns Home, Kurt Angle: Homecoming Recap


The WWE Network premiered the newest episode on its WWE 24 series when the network released “Kurt Angle: Homecoming” after Monday Night Raw.

Kurt Angle is currently the general manager of “Monday Night Raw” and was inducted to the WWE Hall of Fame earlier this year at WrestleMania.

The episode detailed many memories of Kurt Angle’s life such as his return with the WWE, his immediate rise in his early career in the WWE, and also displays Angles troubled past with addiction and dealing with his own personal issues.

The episode begins with Angle getting ready with Hall of Fame induction and reminiscing his best comedy moments such as wearing a small cowboy hat or “Sexy Kurt” with his oldest daughter Kyra.

After Angle’s  release his late in 2006, Angle believed the idea of returning to the WWE especially after 11 years would never come true but it’s True it’s damn true.

Angle was on his way to WWE Headquarters and reflects how people remember how he won a gold medal in the 1996 olympics but Angle admits that his life is still defined by the WWE.

Angle runs into Stephanie McMahon and Triple H in the headquarters and Angle admits that he has some nerves on meeting Vince McMahon for the first time since his release, but you knew the moment was special when  Angle and Vince McMahon embraced a hug for the first time and Vince McMahon quickly tells the cameras to leave his office and asks Angle to remove his microphone so the both of them can speak in private.

Angle starts to discuss about growing up in Pittsburgh with his family and details his amatuer wrestling career and his eventually rise to qualify for the Olympics but of course this also included Angle’s first of many serious injuries during one of his qualifying matches is when he first broke his neck.

Even with a neck injury of that magnitude Angle and his doctor decided to create a method where he would have shots of novocaine injected in his neck so he can still be able to wrestle for the Olympics where he would eventually win a Gold Medal.

After the olympics the WWE offered Angle a 10 year contract, where Angle thanks Vince McMahon for the offer and famously tells Vince “I’m an Olympic gold medalist … so I can never lose.” Angle would not hear from McMahon after that comment.

Angle would eventually contact WWE in 1998 once he finally starting watching the WWE Product and becoming a big fan of Stone Cold Steve Austin. Angle would agree to a tryout but then would quickly learn the differences from amateur to professional wrestling.

Angle would not his early struggles with professional wrestling bother him because Angle would learn to pick up the trade of professional wrestling quickly than most wrestlers that were in the business for years.

With his debut to be set in late 1999, Vince McMahon would tell Angle that he would start out as a heel and Angle would tell Vince McMahon that there is no way people can boo him. Angle would learn early on on how Angle’s character would be an easy target for fans to turn on him. Angle was shocked that even in his own hometown of Pittsburg the fans would boo him too.

Angle would also learn another difference between amateur wrestling and professional wrestling that in professional he is allowed to have a character and learn to have fun with it..

In Angle’s first 11 months with the WWE he had already won the European Championship, Intercontinental Championship, King of the Ring and The WWE Championship to cap off maybe the greatest first year for a WWE performer.

While Angle will always be remembered as one of the best pure wrestlers the WWE ever had, many will tend to forget that Kurt Angle as an entertainer with microphone will always go underappreciated.

Angle was on top of the wrestling world in 2003 but this would be the beginning of Angle’s eventual downfall in the WWE where Angle would break his neck for the first time in WWE at “No Way Out”.

Angle was told that he would be able to have one more match before he was due for surgery so Angle would still agree to wrestle Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 19 before having surgery.

Angle would return to WWE after only missing two months but while Angle was still performing at his peak potential, Angle would begin to start using pain medication to deal with his injuries.

Angle would not tell anybody about his injuries and would continue using pain pills to hide his injuries until six months later he would break his neck again. Angle would have to have surgery again but Angle was too committed to the business that he rushed his return early so he can wrestle Eddie Guerrero at WrestleMania 20 but Angle would break his neck for a third time in the match.

Angle believed there was no chance of returning after another neck injury and Angle sadly said, “I remember I grabbed about 25 painkillers and shoved them in my mouth and just swallowed them hoping i wouldn’t wake up the next day.”

A doctor would refuse to do another surgery on Angle and told Angle he would just have to wait for his neck to heal up properly.

Angle’s neck would eventually heal up and would put on one of the best wrestlemania matches of all time against Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 21.

But in the 2006 Angle’s painkiller addiction started to get the best of him and Vince McMahon would ask Angle to seek help, Angle refused the help and would ask for his release from WWE.

On a rare occasion WWE would bring up another wrestling company in TNA and former TNA president Dixie Carter was interviewed discussing her concerns when Angle was performing for TNA.

Angle would be shown visiting the graves of his parents and his sister who passed away in 2003 from a heroin overdose. The personal issues would start bothering Angle and he would begin to mix his pain addiction with alcohol to deal with the pain not only physically but emotionally. Angle would say about his issues and said, “ I used to be a role model 20 years ago. Now I’m a recovering addict.”

Angle understood he had to make the changes for his family and Angle’s family life is brought up with interviews from his wife Giovanna and videos of his three girls.

But while Angle was trying to better himself for his family, wrestling was always going to be his first priority but more problems were occurring during his TNA tenure, Angle would have four DUI’s in five years.

Angle understood that change needed to be made so Angle finally decided to enter rehab and would admit that having to endure withdrawal was painful.

Angle would finally change after his one stint in rehab and we would see the moments leading up to his Hall of Fame induction. Even though Angle is more accustomed to preparing himself for a match, Angle was mentally preparing himself for his Hall of Fame speech and like usual Angle would steal the show.

“This company is what kept me going, this is my first love.” Angle returns to his first home and fans are still hoping for at least one more match from the former olympic gold medalist.

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