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Great Balls of Fire, the ninth WWE PPV of the year, is tomorrow. The new PPV name has received some criticism over the past couple months since it’s announcement, with the name sounding very wacky. But make no joke about it, this PPV looks good. We got Brock Lesnar, an ambulance match, a 30-minute iron man match, and much more. I look forward to the 7 matches on the card. I look forward to them so much, that I have written a prediction article for you. Here’s my thoughts on the PPV that will take place tomorrow, Great Balls of Fire.

Neville vs Akira Tozawa (WWE Cruiserweight Championship) (Kickoff Match)


Neville vs Akira Tozawa (Cruiserweight Championship Match)


The Cruiserweight division serves as a kickoff for this PPV, with Neville facing Akira Tozawa for the Cruiserweight Championship. Akira Tozawa was able to land this match by being a part of Titus O’Neil’s “Titus Brand”, which makes me wonder if Titus himself will be ringside for the match. If he will be ringside for the match, Neville is for sure going to win. I feel that this is a situation where Tozawa will start to get a lead on Neville in the match but Titus will interfere in a way the unintentionally screws Akira over. I see Neville dropping his belt to someone soon, but I don’t see it happening on this PPV. Akira Tozawa has the crowd behind him for the most part, but I’m not sure that it’s enough to give him a belt.


Predicted Winner: Neville


Enzo Amore vs Big Cass


In a classic David versus Goliath type match, Enzo Amore will be facing Big Cass. For anyone who hasn’t been following this storyline, Cass has recently turned against Enzo, saying that he was sick of dealing with him. Big Cass has been a heel for only a couple weeks now, so I predict that he is going to win this match to give him a bit of a push. I don’t mind this happening, because Enzo won’t lose anything from this. The crowd loves him for his character and mic-work, so even though he will lose, his fanbase will still be as loud. He’s lost quite a bit in the past, but the crowd has never given up on him.


I can see them going far with Cass as a heel. He’s got so much potential as a heel, and I’m pretty sure that WWE sees that too. That’s why I think he will win.


Predicted Winner: Big Cass


The Miz vs Dean Ambrose (Intercontinental Championship Match)


I have a slightly bold prediction for this match. The idea that I have is that Dean Ambrose wins the championship, and Maryse gets frustrated with The Miz and leaves him. Miz can have his two henchman, Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas with him for the amount of time that she is gone for. I think this would be a good storyline idea because this could be the final payoff from the buildup of Maryse getting mad at the Miz a few weeks back. Maryse originally started getting mad at Miz when he accidentally broke the Grandfather Clock that he was gifted by her. I feel this would be a great storyline to do.


Predicted Winner: Dean Ambrose


Cesaro & Sheamus vs The Hardy Boyz (30-minute Iron Man Match)


This match is one that I honestly am confused about. There is not much traction for either of these teams right now. If I had to predict this match (in which I do have to) I would say that Cesaro and Sheamus will win this match. Think about it this way, these guys have been in a feud since Wrestlemania now, so I feel that they would be wrapping it up at this PPV. Giving Cesaro and Sheamus the win once again would finally wrap up this rivalry. No matter who wins in this match, it should be a close competitive battle.


Predicted Winner: Cesaro & Sheamus


Seth Rollins vs Bray Wyatt


A grudge match between Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt is also on the card for this show. I think that Seth Rollins will win this match plain and simple. This rivalry almost feels like it’s a placeholder for both wrestlers while they wait for something else to happen to them. If Rollins wins the match, I expect Wyatt to do some sort of antics to make them fight at the next PPV too.


Predicted Winner: Seth Rollins


Alexa Bliss vs Sasha Banks (RAW Women’s Championship)


There is a big question involving this match, the question being “is it time for another Sasha Banks title run?”. I say yes. Despite Sasha holding the championship three times now, Sasha has never gotten a real run as a champion. Alexa Bliss has had a decent run with the championship just now, and she can have another one later in the year, but right now I think it’s Sasha’s time. I think if there is any way that Alexa would win the match, it would be by a cheap finish so that they can set up another match in the future.


Predicted Winner: Sasha Banks


Roman Reigns vs Braun Stroman (Ambulance Match)


Now it is time to discuss the very anticipated Ambulance Match. Roman Reigns will square off against the monster that is Braun Stroman in a grudge match after much build. I personally think that they will let Braun win this match. I feel that they want to keep building Braun until later in the year, closer to Wrestlemania, Roman will be able to beat him. I could be completely wrong by this, but I think that this match won’t last long. It will be very one-sided and very squash match-y. I predict that Braun will show complete domination in this match.


Predicted Winner: Braun Stroman


Brock Lesnar vs Samoa Joe


Now this is the huge match of the night. Brock Lesnar versus Samoa Joe. The battle of two beasts. Brock Lesnar’s first title defense since Wrestlemania. I want Samoa Joe to win, but if I had to predict, I got to say that Brock Lesnar will win. Lesnar is a beast, and they want to build him that way until Wrestlemania. He’s the new guy that will get a new huge challenger every year at Wrestlemania. Similar to what they did with Undertaker for the past 5 years. New challenger every year. I feel that they want to make him a huge deal for next year’s Wrestlemania, and maybe even have him hold the belt until Wrestlemania. I mean, if he’s only going to be defending every two months, it won’t be that hard to make him hold a belt for a whole year. They can easily do TV without the big belt in the picture. They did it for the past few RAW PPV’s. It is very do-able to have them stretch his title-reign for a whole year. Call it bold, or call it a easy prediction – whatever you call it, it’s my prediction.


Predicted Winner: Brock Lesnar


So that’s the whole show predicted. Now matter how accurate my predictions are, I feel that I will have fun watching this PPV. Because that’s what it’s all about right? Fun! If you agree or disagree with my predictions, send a photo or text of it on Twitter, and I will feature you in the review of the show and my predictions. I’ll put it in a feedback section if I get any responses. Either way, hope you enjoyed this read and I hope you enjoy the PPV.


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