Headliner’s Match Of The Week 6/16/17


Guerrrero Maya Jr. vs. Misterioso Jr.
Lighting Match
CMLL on ClaroSports.com – June 9, 2017

Guerrero Maya Jr. enters first followed by Misterioso Jr., we get the introductions out of the way with each guy posing for the crowd prior to the start of the match.   The match begins and Misterioso Jr gets the early advantage by pushing Guerrero Maya to the mat. Guerrero recovers and the two trade arm drags and take turns tripping each other up before ending in a stand off.

Guerrero Maya takes Misterioso down once again and then leaps off of the top rope with an arm drag and then follows it up with three tilt a whirl back breakers in succession.   Misterioso Jr. gets back to his feet and kicks Guerrero in the face before posing for the crowd. Guerrero ducks a clothesline from Misterioso Jr. and hits him with a flying head scissors which sends Misterioso to the outside of the ring.

Guerrero heads to the top rope and hits Misterioso with a flying splash on the outside of the ring.   Guerrero sends Misterioso to the apron and Misterioso climbs the top rope but Guerrero sends him off with a top rope arm drag to create a near fall. Misterioso kicks out and gets the advantage. Misterioso takes Guerrero over with a reverse slam. (after this the stream got a little choppy so I may have missed at least one thing that happened but I did my best) From there Guerrero Maya Jr. kicks Misterioso Jr. to the outside of the ring and hits suicide dive. Now the two are trading chops on the outside of the ring. The referee gets in their way and gets sent into the guardrail on the outside as the two continue to fight inside of the ring.

The referee gets back into the ring and Guerrero Maya gets out of the ring as the referee follows him up the ramp. Apparently Misterioso Jr. has won by Disqualification.

Match Result: Misterioso Jr. defeats Guerrero Maya Jr. via disqualification after Guerrero Maya Jr. attacks the referee.

Match Rating: **

Good match up on until the odd finish but I’m sure there’s a reason behind it. I’m not a fan of disqualification finishes in wrestling in general but I hope this one goes somewhere.

That however will do it for me and this edition of “Headliners Match Of The Week” (I seriously need to rethink the title of this column) until next time I am Nathan thank you for reading!


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