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Hey guys, last week I was supposed to give the Cruiserweight Extreme Rules review, but there was some computer issues. Anyway, I got the review this week to here it is:

But before we get into this episode of 205 Live, we will break down the two Cruiserweight matches that happened on Sunday at WWE Extreme Rules. Unlike most RAW PPV’s, 205 Live actually got two matches on this one. The first of the two was Sasha Banks and Rich Swann vs Alicia Fox and Noam Dar.


This match was very quick. From entrance to bell ring this was a 9 minute segment. I think that it was a good amount of time to keep this match at. I mentioned it awhile back that I think they brought Sasha into this rivalry as a way of just trying to get more eyes on the 205 Live product, and I think that it isn’t working. To be honest, I don’t know what can save 205 Live at this point. Whoever isn’t watching will most likely never give it a try. But we got a little sidetracked there, so let’s get back to the topic at hand, this match.


The ending spot to this match was when Dar pushed Alicia out of the way in an attempt to avoid a double knees by Sasha to the outside. The result of the situation was catching the move instead. After that, he got rolled back into the ring for Swann to hit him with a Phoenix Splash, to end the match. I would say that I enjoyed this match, and the spot at the end of the match was good. Nothing more to say really, just all around enjoyable.


The other match was the third addition to the trilogy of Austin Aries vs Neville matches. This match had the stipulation of Submission Only. Both of these guys have a patented submission move of theirs, so those two moves got utilized quite often in this match. The match ended with Neville hitting the Red Arrow then putting Aries in the Rings of Saturn, in which he tapped to.


I would say that this match had a good build to the finish and the finish itself was good too. I am also happy that this wrapped up the rivalry. Neville has now moved on to a program with TJP. I feel that Austin Aries should take a bit of a break and come back as a heel. I’ve always thought of Aries as a heel and I bet that lots of other people prefer him that way too. Don’t get me wrong, the program he has done since the build to Wrestlemania has been great, but I feel that he needs to change it up a little now. Overall this match was well structured and well put together. Good showing by the 205 Live boys on this PPV!


Now that I have recapped those two matches for you, let’s get to 205 Live.




The show this week starts backstage. Titus talks to Tozawa once again, trying to get him into the Titus Brand. As a gift, he got Tozawa a main event slot tonight against TJP tonight. Tozawa still doesn’t look happy about Titus trying to sell his business. Titus walks away saying that it will be “raining yen” when Tozawa joins the Titus Brand.

We now get the usual video intro and pyro. The show this week is being called by Corey Graves, and a new face: Vic Joseph. The first match that these two will be calling this week is Cedric Alexander versus Ariya Daivari.

Now Alexander was having a good match against Daivari, until Noam Dar came ringside. We could see that Dar was on Facetime with Alicia Fox. Alexander attacks Dar, then hits Daivari with a Lumbar Check to win the match. I didn’t mind the match, but I don’t really understand the whole Facetime gimmick. Why isn’t Alicia at the shows anymore? Did something happen? Also, is Dar not aware that his FaceTimes are on the bigscreen when this happens? How is he okay with this happening? I would not want my FaceTimes on a big screen.

Anyways, after the match Alexander picks up the phone and hands up on Fox. Our next segment is Austin Aries in the ring with a mic. Aries says that he doesn’t know what the future holds. Tony Nese comes out to the ring and asks if Aries said that he doesn’t know what his future holds. Aries responds with “yes I just said that”. Nese tells him to grab a seat in the crowd because he is the past but Nese is the future. Jack Gallagher comes out to the ring to defend Aries. After dissing Nese, Tony gets mad and attacks him. Jack wins the battle.

Our main event of the evening is TJP versus Akira Tozawa. Now, I don’t really understand why they did this match. With no real reason for this match, and no real crowd reaction, this was hard to watch. Either way, this 10-or so minute long match ended with Tozawa hitting a Cannonball off the top rope. I didn’t mind this match, it was good, but didn’t have too much of a purpose. That wraps up the review, hope you enjoyed.


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