@JackWannan’s 205 Live 6/6/17 Review


The show starts with a recap of of what happened on Sunday and on Monday involving the Cruiserweights. The end of the video package showed when Neville attacked TJP last night and said that he would get his title shot on 205 Live this week. After that we head to the live event where Corey Graves and Tom Phillips will call the action tonight. Let’s talk about the first segment.

Noam Dar is on the mic talking about people envy him being with Alicia Fox. He gets cut off by Cedric Alexander’s music because they have a match together right now. The match starts with the two locking up. Cedrick lets go of the hold when they go into the corner. They do some chain wrestling that ends with Dar getting hit with a dropkick. Dar rolls to the outside. They trade blows for a second, with Dar trying to throw Alexander back in the ring, but he jumps on the apron and does a backflip instead.

Back in the ring now, Alexander goes to the second rope but Dar kicks the rope to let him fall. We see a nasty spot later on where Dar kicks the arm of Cedric really viciously. The two fight for a few more minutes, but Dar gets taken out by the always killer Lumbar Check.

I thought the first few minutes of this match weren’t too great, but the Lumbar Check out of basically nowhere was great. It always looks like it kills the dude and that’s why it’s so great. How could you not love the move, to be honest.

Okay, we got another match to watch. Mustafa Ali is facing a local, Louis Valle. This match was going normally until near the end. Drew Gulak interrupted Mustafa Ali by yelling at him with a megaphone. He gets rolled up by Louis while this is happening. He kicks out, and reverses it into a roll-up of his own and wins the match. Drew Gulak looks at him in surprise. He then congradulates Mustafa Ali at winning the match while staying grounded. As Drew is still talking at ringside now, Ali dives to the outside onto him.

Not a bad segment, but I felt that the squash match lasted a little too lunch.

Backstage we see Akira Tozawa getting talked to by Titus O’Neil. Titus is trying to pitch the Titus Brand to him. Tozawa doesn’t say anything, but he doesn’t look sold on the idea.

It is finally time for our main event. TJP challenges Neville for his Cruiserweight Championship. These two have quite the brawl for the championship. Neville throws TJP into the barricade many times, then follows that up with throwing TJP on he commentary table. He does quite the amount of damage to TJP, but TJP makes a comeback and hits a Gutbuster in an attempt to end the match. After that he tries for a Detonation Kick but Neville finds his way out of the move. Neville tried to end the match with a Red Arrow but TJP dodged it then put him in a submission move. Neville sold it like death, but then reversed it into the Rings of Saturn. TJP couldn’t handle the Rings of Saturn and that ended the match.

This match was good! I think that they shouldn’t have wasted TJP this early. I think that Neville shouldn’t have won clean here so that TJP has a real reason to face Neville again later on. Either way I enjoyed the show for the most part. That wraps up the review this week! Hope you enjoyed.


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