@JackWannan’s 205 Live Review 5/30/17


It’s time for a go-home show for 205 Live! With Extreme Rules just around the corner, who will get the last word in between Neville and Aries? Well, that will be found out on this episode. Other than that, we have lots more action including Mustafa Ali, Rich Swann, and many more, so lets get started!

A video package recapping the past few months between Austin Aries and Neville started off the show this week. It was a pretty well built, epic intro. After that, we head to Atlanta where the episode this week is taking place. They announce that Mustafa Ali will finally get his hands on Drew Gulak this week in a scheduled match. But before that, we have another segment.

We head to the ring where Noam Dar and Alicia Fox have something to say. Dar calls Atlanta a dump from right off the bat. As they start ragging on about Rich Swann and Sasha Banks, the duo themselves come out to the ring. Sasha says that they are here to get revenge. Fox insults Sasha’s weave, which seems to really annoy her. They almost start fighting, but get brought out of the ring because we have a different fight to watch. Rich Swann is facing Noam Dar once again on this episode. As you would expect, Sasha and Alicia get in a fight during this match. Sasha slaps Alicia to the ground, but Dar ends up winning the match. Dar won the match via his cool knee move.

Another thing to note, Sasha literally pulled a piece of Alicia’s hair out. Tom Phillips said “That’s a first for Smackdown Live” (even though it’s not Smackdown, but it’s no big deal). I didn’t mind this match, but it felt odd to do the match a day after Swann beat him clean. I also bet you that they have Sasha Banks on the 205 Live program because they hope that her popularity will bring a few more viewers to 205. I have no problem with that and quite frankly it’s smart, but I’m not sure if it’s working. I guess we will have to wait and see. I do feel that they are struggling to get an audience for 205 Live though, will many critics out there calling 205 a failure so far. Let’s hope that it can gain more of an audience soon. Anyways, it’s 50/50 for them now, so a tiebreaker is due for next week.

Our next match is Cedric Alexander versus Corey Hollis. Hollis is just some jobber, so you already know how this match went. Alexander won the match with a Lumbar Check.

The third match on the card tonight is Mustafa Ali facing Drew Gulak. When Gulak is making his entrance, Ali wastes no time and jumps out of the ring to start the fight early. Ali dominates most of the match, but Gulak gets a cheap win with a roll-up. You can already guess that this rivalry will continue on for a while. I’m going to guess that it will be Kendrick/Tozawa length. I guess next week we can see the next chapter in this rivalry.

For our final segment tonight, Austin Aries is talking about what people are calling the “tap heard around the world”. It being called that is news to me, but maybe I’m out of touch. Neville eventually comes out and interrupts Aries. Neville calls Aries a “scab” to the division. The crowd starts chanting “You tapped out”, which seems to get to Neville. As Aries start trying to form a rebuttal to what Neville said, TJP jumps him. Neville picks up the scraps of the damage that TJP did. Neville puts Aries in the “Rings of Saturn” to end the brawl. That ends this episode of 205 Live.

Well, that’s another episode in the books. It was a decent episode in my opinion. It all felt like filler on this episode. Nothing ever had too much significance. Either way, we are now just days away from WWE Extreme Rules, where Neville is facing Austin Aries for the third and quite possibly final time. My pick for this match is Aries, because third time is the charm, right? Anyways, hope you enjoyed this recap/review, and I’ll see you next week when we review the match that happened on the PPV AND another episode of 205 Live.


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