@JackWannan’s 205 Live Review 5/16/17


It’s time for another review of 205 Live. We are slowly building to the Extreme Rules PPV featuring Neville and Austin Aries doing the trilogy match in their rivalry. Let’s see if this show is a good episode, as 205 Live goes back to being Live this week. Let’s get started.

The show this week starts with a replay of what happened on RAW last night when TJP faced Jack Gallagher. The video had no editing or commentary, which almost made it feel eerie. It also showed the backstage segment after the match with Neville and TJP, where Neville says he will end Austin Aries once and for all. We now cut to the backstage feed where Austin Aries is being interviewed. Aries claims that TJP can’t take him out. During this interview Aries seemed very confident. After that interview we get the usual intro by Tom Phillips and Corey Graves. They preview the show a little for us before we see our first match of the show.

Our first match on the show is Noam Dar (accompanied by Alicia Fox) facing Gran Metalik. It’s been long time no see for Gran Metalik, but I am so happy to see him back on TV. He’s very talented and is one of my favourite cruiserweights. Oh and by the way, they got Gran Metalik’s twitter handle wrong during his entrance. It is actually @WWEGranMetalik. But let’s not pay attention to the small details and instead pay attention to the match.

Gran Metalik hit a Springboard Moonsault onto Dar outside the ring at one point. After that move when he headed back into the ring, he got distracted by Alicia Fox yelling. As he is still standing on the apron, Dar runs and dropkicks him. It was a nice distraction spot. Later on, Metalik hit a nice elbow drop off the top rope. It got a kickout of two. Even though Metalik puts up a good fight and hits good moves, Dar makes a comeback and hits his special running kick to win the match.

I would say that I enjoyed this match very much. Alicia Fox as a manager was utilized very well, and both wrestlers put on a good match. Nothing more to say about it really, just a good match overall.

Before our next match, we have a quick promotional video for Cedric Alexander’s return. Doesn’t look like any sort of repackaging, just a return. Our next match is Tony Nese versus Mustafa Ali. As Ali is on his way to the ring, he gets jumped from behind by Drew Gulak. Gulak really beats up Ali. He throws him head-first into the post. After he’s done his beatdown, he throws him in the ring for Nese to do his running knee move. When I watch the replay of Gulak running down the ramp to attack Ali, he ran FAST. After the beatdown, Gulak grabs his “No Fly Zone!” sign.

Backstage we see Rich Swann being interviewed. During the interview a person walks up to him with a package for him. He says it’s not for him, it’s for Ariya Daivari, who is down the hallway. After he is given the package, he sets it down and walks away. Jack Gallagher comes in and picks up the package. Daivari comes back and tells him to put the box down. He gives back the box to Daivari. When Daivari opens the package, powder gets sprayed all over him. He gets extremely mad, shouting and throwing stuff.

Now this backstage segment raises tons of questions. Who gave Swann the package? How did Swann know it was a trap? Why did Gallagher want the package? So many questions. When we go back to the commentary team, Tom can’t control his laughter. Graves started laughing just due to Tom laughing.

After some comedic relief, it’s time for our main event. Austin Aries faces TJP. This match was great. Aries did a great job of selling the crazy amount of pain that his character was going through. Aries did a great dive at one point in this match, where it looked like he was really fighting pain. The match ended when TJP had his kneebar but had to let go because he was holding the ropes. Aries hit his armbar to end the match.

Aries didn’t have too much time to celebrate because after the match Neville did an attack out of nowhere. Gallagher ran in for the save, but the damage had already been done on Aries.

I really enjoyed this match. What wasn’t there to enjoy about this whole episode? It was a great episode as we are around the halfway point building to Extreme Rules. I am very high praise for this episode of 205 Live. Can’t to see how they top it next time. But until then, I’ll see you around.


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