Headliner’s Match Of The Week 5-14-17


Taya Valkarie vs. Ayako Hamada {C}
AAA Reina De Reinas Championship Match
AAA on Televisia – May 13, 2017

The Challenger Taya Valkarie makes her way to the ring as confident as ever. She gets on the second rope and poses for the crowd.

The Champion Ayako Hamada comes to the ring with her tron showing highlights of the last encounter between Taya and Ayako. She gets into the ring and goes to a corner and climbs on the second rope before handing the referee the championship to begin the match.

The in ring introductions are done and before the bell even rings, Taya jumps Ayako and spears her down to the mat. Taya begins punching Ayako on the ground before Ayako turns in around and they sprawl on the mat and trade punches. Taya whips Ayako into the ropes and catches her coming off with a sidekick to the face.   Taya continues to punch Ayako on the mat before setting a chair up in one of the corners of the ring. Taya backs Ayako up against the chair and Taya runs into Ayako but Ayako moves out of the way and sends Taya into the chair headfirst.

Ayako capitalizes by hitting a snap mare on Taya before kicking her in the back to get a near fall.   Ayako takes the same chair that was used earlier and whips Taya off of the ropes but Taya kicks it away. Taya hits a German suplex; Ayako grabs the chair and swings it at Taya but misses. Ayako hits Taya lightly in the head with the chair before hitting her hard in the head. Ayako sets the chair up in the corner of the ring and Taya is busted open. Ayako goes for a near fall before locking on a sleeper. Ayako sends Taya into another corner and now Taya is really bleeding. Ayako hangs Taya upside down in the corner via tree of woe and hits her with a baseball slide dropkick.

Ayako puts a chair in front of Taya’s face and hits another baseball slide dropkick which sends Taya to the outside of the ring to recover. Ayako followers her out and hits her in the head and sends her head first into the post. Ayako sits Taya in the chair and then runs at her on the outside but Taya moves and sends Ayako head first into the chair. Taya kicks the back of the chair as Ayako’s face is up against it. Taya grabs Ayako and sends her into the ring post Taya is a bloody mess. Taya grabs a ladder and puts it in the ring before getting into the ring. Taya sets a chair up in the corner of the ring and sets a ladder up on the ring post and the turnbuckle.

Taya hits a drop toehold on Ayako into the ladder before grabbing the chair she sets the chair up in the ring and sits Ayako on it. Taya throws another chair at Ayako’s face and Ayako catches it and Taya kicks it into her face to get a near fall, which causes Ayako to begin bleeding. Taya gets a near fall and gets to her feet, Taya runs at Ayako but Ayako sends Taya to the outside. Ayako climbs to the top rope but Taya hits her with a chair to send her to the outside of the ring. Taya sends Ayako over the barricade and the two battle in the crowd. Taya begins hitting Ayako in the face while they are in the crowd, the two battle in the crowd a little longer before returning to the ringside area.

Taya gets back into the ring and so does Ayako. Both women run off of the ropes on opposite sides and Taya takes Ayako down with a hair grab. The two get to their knees and begin trading punches. Taya is a bloody mess. Taya and Ayako begin trading chops before Taya forces Ayako into the corner where she grabs a chair and hits Ayako in the head. Taya grabs a ladder and brings it back into the ring and sets it on the second rope in one of the corners of the ring. Taya suplexes Ayako in the corner against one of the turnbuckles before getting a near fall.

The two women head to the corner with the ladder wedged in it where Taya suplexes Ayako into the ladder.   Taya ascends to the top rope and goes for a splash but she misses. Ayako gets to her feet and kicks Taya in the face before grabbing a chair and heading to the second rope. Ayako hits a moonsault while holding the chair to get a near fall. Taya goes to the outside of the ring and Ayako heads to the top rope and attempts a moonsault but it misses. Ayako quickly recovers but Taya kicks her in the face sending her to the ground. Taya grabs a table and sets it up at ringside, Ayako sandwiches Taya’s head in a chair and rams her into the ring post before taking the chair and hitting Taya in the head with it. Ayako sets Taya up on the table, Ayako goes to the top rope and attempts a moonsault but Taya moves out of the way causing Ayako to hit the table, which breaks it.   Taya rolls Ayako back into the ring for a near fall, Taya capitalizes by applying an STF on Ayako, Taya wrenches it in and makes Ayako pass out to win the match and regain the AAA Reina De Reinas Championship.

Match Result: Taya Valkarie defeats Ayako Hamada via submission after an STF to become the new AAA Reina de Reina’s Champion.

Match Rating: ****

This match was awesome; go out of your way to watch it. I’m not sure why they had Taya lose the belt only to win it back but that’s AAA for you.   Taya was extremely emotional at the end of the match, which was cool to see. This decision has me wondering what’s next for Ayako though, maybe she wasn’t a long-term deal but the title change from Taya to Ayako still puzzles me.

That however will do it for me and this edition of “Headliner’s Match Of The Week” until next time I am Nathan saying so long and I will see you soon as I present another Match Of The Week


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