@JackWannan’s 205 Live Review 5/9/17


Welcome! We have a special version of 205 Live from the UK this week! This episode of 205 Live is the first to go overseas. We have lots of great action from London as Mustafa Ali faces Tony Nese, Akira Tozawa faces THE Brian Kendrick, and much more. Let’s get started with a talking segment, believe it or not.

This episode of 205 Live begins with a recap of what happened on RAW this week. After that, we get a pretty good pyro show and an introduction to the show by Tom Phillips and Corey Graves. This episode of 205 Live is not so live as it usually is, because it was pre-recorded this afternoon at the O2 in London, England. UK time, it was the evening when this was recorded. Anyways, Jack Gallagher heads to the ring with a mic and talks about his match against TJP last night. He then introduces Austin Aries. Aries heads to the ring with banana in hand. He hands to the banana to an ecstatic child ringside. Sadly, that memorabilia will start decomposing tonight.

Gallagher says he wants to toast Aries. He gets them both a beer and brings it into the ring. As they are both holding beers and singing “He’s a jolly good fellow”, they get scared by Neville’s loud pyro interrupting them. “Bloody hell!” Gallagher screams. The trio exchange words but an attack begins when TJP jumps Gallagher and Aries. All four wrestlers brawl all around the place. The babyfaces win the brawl then finish their toast.

You know, 205 Live does not do too many talking segments, but this one made me feel like they should do more. These three guys are all very good on the mic and deserve to develop their characters as much as they can. I loved this segment to start off the show. I do have a bone to pick with this Aries/Neville rivalry continuing on though. I feel that they are trying to stretch this rivalry on as much as they can. Don’t get me wrong, I love both the guys, but I just feel like it’s time to move on. Who knows, maybe the build up and eventually match might change my mind.

We cut to backstage after that first segment. Dar and Alicia Fox are confronting Rich Swann. Alicia says she would never leave a real man like Fox (despite leaving him for a week or so). Swann tries to walk away after saying they deserve each other, but Dar stops him and says Rich will get what he deserves too.

After that we head to the ring for our first match on 205 Live this week. Tony Nese faces Mustafa Ali. Ali is currently feuding with Drew Gulak. Gulak is pushing an idea that 205 Live and specifically Mustafa Ali must do less highflying. Ali really emphasizes the highflying in this match. When Ali does a dive to the outside, the feed cuts to Gulak watching the match on a TV backstage, looking shocked and annoyed. This match continued for another 10 minutes or so. Ali showcased tons of great moves and got the win via the Reverse 450.

I enjoyed this match. It had a good buildup, and had a nice clean end. What can’t you love about Mustafa Ali? He’s great!

It’s now time for our main event of 205 Live. Akira Tozawa and The Brian Kendrick get another match against each other. Tozawa hits a nice Tope Suicida in this match, followed up by a Shining Wizard. The two trade moves for a little longer, but Tozawa gets the win by a roll-up pin. Tozawa gets no time to celebrate since Kendrick is quick to attack after the match. Kendrick put Tozawa in between the first and second steel step then stomped on it. Ouch! After that he grabs the mic and says that this is the last lesson he will give him. That lesson is that “Nobody messes with The Brian Kendrick!”.

That wraps up this episode of 205 Live! It wasn’t that bad of an episode! I honestly prefer a talking segment and two matches over having three matches and no talking segments on 205 Live. That segment that started the show was really, really good. I hope we can see more stuff like that in the future. Anyways, that wraps up this week. Hope you enjoyed! See you next week as we continue to build towards Extreme Rules.


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