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Tonights it’s no talk and all fight. We have three great matches on 205 Live this week. TJP faces Lince Dorado, Mustafa Ali faces “No High Flying” Drew Gulak, and Rich Swann and Noam Dar fight eachother. It’s quite the packed show so let’s get started!

The show starts with a live feed of Chris Jericho being carried out of the arena after being attacked by Kevin Owens on Smackdown Live. After that, 205 Live starts. We get a video package showing a recap of what happened on Sunday at the Payback PPV, and what happened on Monday at RAW. Of course after that we see the usual video intro then an introduction to this week’s show by Tom Phillips and Corey Graves. It’s now time for a match.

TJ Perkins has seemingly gotten a name change to just TJP. He was announced as TJP, and his nametag on the show got changed too. Anyways, TJP faces Lince Dorado this week as the first match on the card. This match started fast thanks to Dorado. Dorado did a dive to the outside in the opening moments of the match. Though TJP was able to get back in control of the match, showboating a little with a dab. When Lince was on the top rope, TJP did one of the worst heel moves, trying to unmask a luchador. Dorado was able to shake him off then do a backflip double stomp off the top rope onto him.

Dorado continued his streak with a crossbody. He got a kickout at two from that. Dorado puts up quite a good fight but it all ends once he caught himself in the Kneebar. TJP got the win via Kneebar. I thought this match was fast and fun, and TJP got his win in a heel way. TJP doesn’t have much heat on himself right now, so I feel that he should get more cheaper wins in the future to get more of a reaction. The biggest boo for him was when he dabbed during the match. Crowd overall was pretty quiet for this match. Either way, not a terrible match.

We see an interview from earlier with Brian Kendrick. At the end of the interview he gets attacked by Akira Tozawa and he teaches Kendrick another lesson. After that, he also does his shouting chant.

After a break it becomes time to settle some dirt between two wrestlers. Mustafa Ali is finally able to get his hands on Drew Gulak after weeks of Gulak not wanting him to do high flying moves. Ali of course goes for highflying moves in this match, but it ends up stabbing him in the back. Ali tried for a Frogsplash but Gulak reversed it for the win.

To me it felt that this match would be very predictable. It was obvious that Ali’s highflying would eventually backfire and cost him the match this week. This match did not get much of a reaction, but after the match Gulak got a fair amount of boos while cutting a promo.

It is now time for our main event of the evening, Rich Swann versus Noam Dar. This rivalry has been brewing for quite some time. Dar holds a strong grudge to Swann because he was the main reason that Alicia Fox broke up with him. Dar was looking to get his revenge in this match. Late into the match Swann hit his Pheonix Splash but Dar kicked out. Later on Swann tries for it again but Dar kicks him off the ropes that time. Dar stomps Swann quite a bit afterwards, then finally finishes the match with his running kick.

After the match, Alicia Fox walks down to the ring. She decides to celebrate with Noam Dar. That ends the episode. The main event wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad either.

Well, that’s my review for the week. It was shorter than usual, but that’s because there was less storyline development on this show and more matches instead. Always fun to have a show like this. Anyways, that’s the post, see you around.



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