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Welcome to another 205 Live review! With WWE Payback 5 days away, this is our go-home show to the PPV. Neville faces Austin Aries on the PPV, so we have 45 minutes to hype up the match. Let’s not waste any time and get into this show.

The show this week begins with a preview of what happened during the tag match on RAW last night. After that we get the usual intro, with Tom Phillips and Corey Graves at the desk this week. Our main event gets announced, it being Neville versus Jack Gallagher. After that we head to the ring for a tag match.

Our first match tonight is Rich Swann and Akira Tozawa versus Noam Dar and Brian Kendrick. This match is a combination of two rivalries. Rich Swann comes out to the ring this week wearing a flashy blazer and headband.

The match starts off with an unorganized brawl. The heels get thrown to the outside, then Tozawa and Swann do double dives to the outside. When everyone gets in the ring, the match officially starts. Swann and Dar start in this match. Kendrick tags in and takes a very flashy move from Swann that was like a front-flip leg drop. Hard to explain. Swann heads to the top turnbuckle, but Dar knocks him down. That move was a turning point in the match, as the heels had control for numerous minutes after this moment. Swann eventually gets the hot tag onto Tozawa, who does a big combo of moves to Dar.

When Kendrick runs in the ring, he takes a hurricanrana to get him out of the ring again. Tozawa tries for a top rope move, but Dar runs out of the way. Kendrick tries to interfere again by holding Tozawa, but when Dar goes for a punch, Tozawa runs out of the way and Dar hits Kendrick. Tozawa then hits a Shining Wizard on Dar for the win.

After the match, Tozawa gives Kendrick lesson #4, “always choose wisely”, referencing that Kendrick had a bad teammate for this match.

I thought this match good and fast. It had the pace that I always want from a 205 Live match. Lots of good spots too. I don’t know what’s going on with Dar and Swann, because it felt like their rivalry ended last week. Nothing really happened between those two after the match either.

Neville gets interviewed backstage, being asked about how he prepared for his match tonight. He ignores the question, cutting a promo instead. He hopes that Austin Aries is watching, because he will get the same treatment on Sunday that he gives Gallagher tonight.

Our second match of the night is Mustafa Ali versus Tony Nese. Let’s see what Drew Gulak will do to mess with Ali this week. When Ali comes to the ring he jumps around, trying to amp up the crowd.

Speaking of Drew Gulak, before the match even started, he comes to the ring with a megaphone and a sign that says “No Fly Zone”. He tries to start a chant, but he gets a cold, slightly booing reaction. Drew Gulak joins the team on commentary. Ali does his usual crazy moves as Gulak is interviewed on commentary. While being questioned by Phillips and Graves, he mentions that the highflying style is fine, it’s just overused. If he is okay with it being used a little, then why does he have a sign that says “No¬†fly zone”. None? Like at all?

The more risky moves the Ali does, the more that Gulak is fuming. Ali hits his trademark neckbreaker, but Nese rolls out of the ring after that. Ali doesn’t stop there, though. He jumps over a post outside the ring onto Nese. Back in the ring, Ali is setting up for his reverse 450, but Gulak pulls Nese out of the ring. Nese wins the match by DQ, but after the match Ali dives to the outside onto Drew.

Also, one thing to mention is that when Gulak dragged Nese out of the ring and onto the floor, he dragged him hard. You could really hear a splat when he hit the floor. The match wasn’t too bad. If you read my articles, you would know I’m the world’s biggest Ali fan, so of course I loved it.

After our first two matches of the night, it’s finally time for our main event. Time flies, doesn’t it? Anyways, Neville faces Jack Gallagher to prepare for his match on Sunday. The title defence doesn’t really get mentioned too much on the show this week. Anyways, let’s get to the action in the match. Neville has absolute control in the match for the first few minutes, but Gallagher eventually starts a comeback. He hits a roll-up pin, the hits a dropkick after. He continues to build momentum with a slam. He hits him with a headbutt, but gets a kickout from that.

No matter how much Gallagher fought, when Neville locked in the Rings of Saturn, it was all over. After the match, as Neville is on his way out, he decided he hadn’t gotten enough yet. He comes back and attacks Gallagher again. He tries for the Rings of Saturn again, but this time Austin Aries runs in and helps Gallagher. Aries hits the Last Chancery on Neville, then celebrates to end the show.

To be fair, this show was a way, WAY better go-home to the PPV than RAW was. On RAW we got not much of a promotion for the PPV at all. On this show, we actually saw both competitors that will be on the PPV. On RAW we did not see that for the Braun match or the Orton match. Anyways, that wraps up the show. My prediction for the PPV is that Neville will win. It’s a close call, but I say that Neville wins because there are many babyfaces on the roster that he can still face.

Anyways, that’s my review for this week. Hope you enjoyed! Next week we will be reviewing the 205 Live after Payback! Until then, I’ll see you later.

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