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It’s Yellow Brand time ladies and gentlemen. Who will be our next title challengers? Who will come out on top in the blood feud between Tye Dillinger and Eric Young? We will found out soon, but first off… The Glorious One would like to have a word with us to start off our night!

Bobby Roode Promo

The Champ kicks off the night by coming down to the ring for a chat. Very nice casual suit this week for Roode. I am also loving the new title belt more and more. The Champ says that he made Mania Weekend GLORIOUS for the 2nd year in a row and that he sold out the Amway Center. He is focusing on him being a box office star and that he controls NXT now that he has dispatched the remnants of the old NXT. He finally mentions Nakamura by name and expresses his displeasure with the send off Naka received last week. He says that he wasn’t out there last week because he didn’t want to listen to Naka talk about how he left NXT. Roode says he forced Naka out and it made him sick to watch fans cheer for Naka when HE is the champion. He continues on by saying that the fans and the guys in the back don’t deserve to be in HIS NXT and that they can either stay or hit the road like Naka did. This brings Hideo Itami out to the ring to respond. The fans didn’t have a huge response for him, which was weird. Hideo is also in a nice suit and he stands face to face with Roode, and slaps him. The champ asks if Hideo wants to mess with him and starts to take off his jacket for a fight. He walks up to Itami and right into a GTS. Itami stands over Roode and fixes his suit before grabbing the title belt and laying it down before he exits.

My Take: Well, they certainly didn’t waste any time giving us the next title challenger did they? I liked the setup. A quiet Itami came across pretty well, especially with such a talkative champion. This next feud could give us some pretty fun matches, but I hope and pray that Itami can stay healthy during this run.

We start to get our lineup for the night as we will see Aliyah & Liv Morgan vs Billie Kay & Peyton Royce. We also have a plug for the Dillinger-Young steel cage match, which is our main event. Backstage, Kayla interviews Tyler Bate and Jack Gallagher, who will square off next week for the WWE UK title. Very cordial segment between the two men. After a quick break, we return to the ring and see officials checking on Roode, who is still down in the ring. The Champ is a little woozy as he finally exits the ring. Now it’s off to a video from earlier today of Heavy Machinery preparing to workout at the Performance Center, alongside Drew McIntyre, who is also working out. Andrade “Cien” Almas walks in and challenges McIntyre to a match next week. We then go back to the ring for our next match, which will feature Almas.

Andrade “Cien” Almas vs. Danny Burch

Almas is out first to square off against Burch, who we saw in the UK tourney. Almas is taking his time and immediately sits on the ropes and taunts Burch. Pretty slow start but Almas eventually gets the advantage with a huge clothesline and works over Burch in the corner before, yes that’s right, showboating. A brief Burch rally is snuffed out and a double knee smash in the corner sets up the La Sombra DDT to give Almas the win.

My Take: Almas needs a firm feud, quickly. What they’re building is nice, but at the same time, they need to give him a stable opponent in order to advance things… whatever that may be. I would have loved for it to be Black but it seems that they have other plans. I hope they are revealed soon.

After the match, we go to more footage of the Asuka-Moon title match at Takeover and it’s fallout. The current NXT women’s superstars give their comments and opinons about Asuka as clips of her reign are shown. They focus on the women noticing how cocky Asuka has become and how it can be used to defeat her. They all say that they will be the one to accomplish the feat. After a short break, we get an extended highlight package focusing on the long running Dillinger-Young feud. They should put on a hell of a match tonight.

Liv Morgan & Aliyah vs. Billie Kay & Peyton Royce

Kay and Morgan start off our women’s action for the evening, and Morgan takes control early by rolling Kay around for a couple of 2 counts. Aliyah is tagged in and immediately hits a legdrop off the top for 2. Royce is in after a discus punch from Kay and she asserts control. After a spinning heel kick and a near fall, Aliyah counters Royce with a sunset flip but Kay runs over to hold Royce’s arms and prevent her from going down. Morgan runs in to knock Kay off the apron and Aliyah finally finishes the pinning attempt for the win. Kay and Royce quickly go to Tantrum Town as Morgan and Aliyah celebrate their big win.

My Take: This match is not at all what I expected. I figured that the Kay/Royce team was about to take the next step and kick things into high gear, but it looks like they took that next step right into a wall. Hopefully this setback is just the foundation for a major comeback. The women’s division under Asuka is wide open right now but it won’t be for long once the women’s tournament comes around.

Before the break, we see The Perfect 10 preparing in the back for his final NXT match. I’m so happy he got called up but it feels weird to have to think of NXT without him. When we return, we get word that Aleister Black will be in action next week. Also, McIntyre-Almas is made official for next week, as well as the Bate-Gallagher UK title match. Looks like a loaded show! Back in the arena, we get some detailed views of the cage and then Tye’s music blares through Full Sail for the final time. Sensational ovation for Dillinger.

Steel Cage Match: Tye Dillinger vs. Eric Young

Tye is out first and checks out the cage as the crowd goes wild with the 10 Chant. Young is out next, with Sanity. They stand at the top of the ramp for a brief second before Young sends them to the back. Young is slow to enter the cage but Tye invites him to join him and he charges in. Dillinger immediately knocks him down with a punch, then locks them both inside the cage as the bell rings. Some brawling early before E.Y. rakes Tye’s eyes in order to fend off a Tye Breaker attempt. He then tosses Dillinger into the cage wall as we go to break. Upon our return, Young throws Dillinger into the cage again and is firmly in control as the crowd boos. Young tries to escape but is stopped by Dillinger. It looks like it is an escape-only cage match. A quick face shot of Young shows a small cut on the bridge of his nose. The crowd attempts to rally Tye after a Young two count (so it is pinfall/submission/escape to win) but Young kills the rally and ensuing Dillinger escape attempt with a powerbomb, which is good for another 2 count. E.Y. wipes at a second cut on his head and tries to escape out of the door but is stopped. He then tries to climb a corner of the cage but a Dillinger press slam ends that dream as we go to break. It’s Dillinger doing the tossing when we return from the break and he is fired up. A massive superkick lays Young out and Dillinger manages to get over top of the cage but he is stopped and they pretty much switch places. Young gets the upper hand by knocking Tye off as he sits on top of the cage, then hits a huge flying elbowdrop off the top of the cage instead of going out. Tye kicks out at 2 and both are slow to recover. Eric Young’s face is a bloody mess. He says “this is it” but it gives Tye time to recover and he hits a Tye Breaker out of nowhere. Both men are down and Tye goes to crawl out of the door but Sanity comes down and slams the door shut. This brings out Roddy, Kassius Ohno, and Ruby Riot to help fend off Sanity. Dain takes out Roddy and Ohno, then tries to climb in the cage to help Young. Tye knocks him off the cage, and does the same to Wolfe, who was trying to scale the other side. With the path cleared, Tye then tries to escape the cage by climbing over but is blocked by Wolfe, as Dain comes in through the door. He and Young approach the corner where Dillinger is but he comes off the top of the cage with a crossbody onto both of them, then scrambles out of the door as Wolfe gives chase. Full Sail is alive with 10s as a bloody Young and Sanity look on. Ohno and Roddy hoist Dillinger on their shoulders as a “Thank You Tye” chant takes us off the air.

My Take: This match got a little better as it went out, but I thought there was plenty more that they could have put together. Still, it was a fun main event and a very good sendoff for the Smackdown-bound Dillinger. I truly hope that the end of this saga finally gives Roderick Strong something better to do. NXT could use another strong heel, I’m just saying….

Pretty nice episode this week but man am I ready for next week. If you add in what will almost certainly be another look at the state of the women’s division, then next week’s episode is sure to be action packed. I really like that we are getting back to some WWE UK action on NXT now that the dust has settled after Takeover. I’m excited about next week and I hope to see all of you here next week to talk about it!

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