Impact Wrestling 4/13/2017 review


Welcome to my review of Impact Wrestling

This show features:

Reno Scum vs Decay vs Laredo Kid & Garza Jr

Braxton Sutter & Allie vs KM & Sienna

Rosemary vs Santana Garrett

Andrew Everett vs Marshe Rockett vs Suicide vs Marshe Rockett

Davey Richards vs DJ Z

Team Josh vs Team JB


Reno Scum vs Decay vs Laredo Kid & Garza Jr

Laredo Kid and Thornstowe start things off inn this match, Laredo kid hit a nice neckbreaker before tagging in Garza Jr. Crazy Steve tagged himself in, but Garza prevented Steve from attacking him. Garza J then blew a kiss at Rosemary, which pissed off Steve who attacked, Rosemary threw Garza Jr into the barricade and then assisted Steev who hit a sweet cannonball. Decay then proceeded to ground Garza Jr working quick tags, Garza Jr then hit the jawbreaker, but Decay distracted the referee allowing Rosemary to intervene in the tag. Garza Jr then tagged in Luster the Legend who came in like a house of fire delivering a spinebuster to Steve and brawling with Abyss, this was short lived as Abyss then chokeslammed Luster. Laredo Kid then entered the mix hitting Abyss with a springboard dropkick sending Abyss to the outside, Thornstowe hit a suicide dive on Abyss. Crazy Steve tied Garza Jr in a tree of woe, but Luster hit the Razors edge on Steve who landed on Garza Jr. Reno Scum hit their curb stomp finisher for the victory

Reno Scum def. Decay, Laredo Kid & Garza in 6:04 via pin (**1/2)

A fine opening match

McKenzie Mitchell interviews Andrew Everett who feels as if he has earned a shot for the X-Division title, he is then interrupted by Shane Helms and Trevor Lee. Helms tells Everett that he will participate in a Fatal 4 way featuring Suicide, Marshe Rocket, before announcing the 4th opponent, Everett tells Helms that he should compete after disagreeing with Everett, Helms says he will compete in the match.

Bruce Prichard comes to the ring and announces that James Storm has won the fan vote and will face Lashley next week for the Impact Wrestling Heavyweight Championship. EC3 is pissed that he never won the fan vote and confronts Prichard who states that they used his idea of letting the fans decide who should be the next no.1 contender. Ethan tells us why he should be number 1 contender and also adds that he thinks the new regime is rigged. Prichard tells Ethan that he needs to find the old EC3, teasing a heel turn in the near future. Prichard also reminds EC3 that he tapped out to Patron.

Mixed Tag Match

Braxton Sutter and KM start things off, with Sutter punching the crap out of KM. Braxton then attempts a roll up pin but KM kicks out at 2. Sutter then attempts to run the ropes by is tripped by Sienna, KM attempts the same thing but this time Allie trips KM. KM hits Braxton with a scoop slam and then walks on Sutter’s face. The tides turn, as Braxton continues to chop KM, Braxton follows up with a suplex into the corner, Sienna then tags herself in and Braxton tags in Allie. Allie hits Sienna with a lariat and then a big splash into the corner, Allie then attempts to jump off of the 2nd top rope but Sienna catches her who then trips over KM and then Allie pins her.

Braxton Sutter & Allie def. KM & Sienna (*)


It’s Kongo Kong who squashes Braxton with a samoan drop and a cannonball. LVN also makes her way to the ring, and then attacks Allie with her shoe.

Rosemary vs Santana Garrett

Rosemary charged at the bell, but Garrett used her speed and countered Rosemary several times, scoring near falls. Garrett hit a lucha arm drag, but Rosemary grabbed he air and then worked a tarantula in the ropes. Rosemary then started to beat on her, but missed a charge, allowing Garrett to hit a head scissors. Rosemary then hit the clothesline to cut her off, the corner clothesline and XPLODER followed; Rosemary then tried to choke Garrett out, but Garrett made the ropes. Garrett countered out of red wedding, and followed with clotheslines and the back handspring elbow and Russian leg sweep for 2. Rosemary then hit a dropkick to the corner, went up top but Garrett cut her off and hit a head scissors off the ropes. Rosemary avoided the handspring moonsault, hit red wedding and picked up the win.

Rosemary def. Santana Garret (***)

X Divison Fatal 4 Way

Helms ran to the floor at the bell, allowing the other three to fight it out. Lee tripped up Everett, but the ref then sent him to the back Everett sent Rockett to the floor, and Suicide hit his Nestea plunge onto him. Helms tripped up Everett, rolled in the ring and beat on Everett a bit and then rolled back to the floor. Helms even sneaked back in and rolled up Suicide for 2. Rockett worked over Everett in the corner. but Suicide cut him off and then attacked both cuts and rook control. Rockett cut him off with a big boot, but Everett wiped him out with a springboard spin kick, but he walked into the Suicide solution. Helms back in, takes off the jacket, and starts to wok over Everett, but Everett fires up with clotheslines, hits the running elbow but Helms rakes the eyes. Everett sends Helms to the floor, it breaks down with Rockett hitting gourd busters. Rockett up top, misses the high cross and Suicide hits him with the lionsault, but walks into a PELE by Everett. Everett up top, hits the shooting star press on Rockett to pick up the win.

Andrew Everett def. Suicide, Marshe Rockett and Shane Helms (** 3/4)

Davey Richards vs DJ Z

Richards attacked right away, working over DJ Z in the corner. He took some time to make out with Love, allowing DJ Z to hit a dive. Back in the ring and DJ Z hits a high cross for the near fall. Richards quickly cut him off with a clothesline, headed up top and missed the double stomp, allowing DJ Z to fight back with elbows and forearm strikes. The neck breaker followed for 2, and then the jawbreaker followed; Richards countered the ZDT, hit a kick and locked in the ankle lock and DJ Z tapped right away.

Davey Richards def. DJ Z (**)


Team JB vs Team Josh

Patron looked to start with Lashley, but the champ tags out to Drake. They lock up and battle for position, Drake tries to take control but eats an enziguri. Adonis tags in and lays in chops to Drake, but Drake cuts him off with an elbow and tags in Lashley. Shoulder block by Lashley, and they fight over a full nelson but Adonis takes control, hitting a suplex. Bram tags in, hitting knee strikes and rights but runs into an Adonis Samoan drop for 2. Magnus tags in, renewing his old rivalry with Bram, and hitting a Michinoku driver for the near fall. . Back in and Bram beats down Magnus and tags in Drake. Team Mathews works over Magus in their corner, but Drake misses a knee drop and Patron tags in, hits a back stabber and runs wild on Drake. Post break and Lashley cuts off Adonis, as Tyrus takes out Team Borash before they can help out. Tyrus then works over Adonis, hits a suplex and hits the corner splash before tagging in Lashley. Tyrus hits the world strongest slam, allowing Lashley to beat down Adonis, hitting a neck breaker and then celebrating. Bram tags in, lays in rights in his corner to Adonis and covers for 2. Adonis fights back, but is quickly cut off by a back elbow and Bram covers for 2. Drake dumps Adonis to the floor and Lashley works him over on the floor. Drake hits the powerslam and elbow drop for 2. Quick tags by Team Mathews, Tyrus lands head butts and then misses the Vader splash out of the corner. Tag to Morgan, he runs wild on Team Mathews, clears the ring and then hits corner splashes on Drake and Bram. Chokeslam to Bram gets 2 as Tryus makes the save. Patron in but he eats a spear by Lashley, but Adonis makes the save as it completely breaks down. Magnus in and powerbombs Drake, lock in a variation on the cloverleaf, but Bram makes the save. Morgan hits the carbon footprint, top rope elbow drop by Magnus finishes Bram.

Team JB def. Team Josh (** 1/2)

Poor main event. Got the right amount of time but it lacked quality and nobody cared.



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