Equal’s WWE Smackdown Review 4/18/17


Hey everyone, so I’ll say right now, this show wasn’t nearly as good as last weeks, and there’s nothing you really need to go out of your way to see. That being said, some major storylines were set in motion for Payback and Backlash, so let’s get right into it.


The Show opened with a quick promo by Charlotte and Naomi, where it was established that they’d have a non title match tonight, and Charlotte would receive a title match next week if she won. Charlotte is good on the mic, but didn’t get much time here.


Match 1: 6 Pack Challenge for a WWE title shot at Backlash: Mojo Rawley vs Sami Zayn vs Luke Harper vs Erick Rowan vs Jinder Mahal vs Dolph Ziggler

One noteworthy thing about this match is that everyone had a moment where it seemed like they might win, and unlike a lot of wwe booking these days, it wasn’t obvious who was going to win this match. Unfortunately, too many guys crowded the ring and had too short a match to be anything that will be remembered awhile from now.

Result: Jinder Mahal pins Sami Zayn

This is probably the biggest talking point on the whole show. For his entire WWE career, Jinder Mahal has been booked as nothing but a jobber, and now, with a bit of help from the worst cruiserweights in wwe, the Bollywood Boyz, he’s main eventing a PPV for the world title. I’m not sure what planet this is supposed to make sense on. I was actually hoping Sami would win, as I think he and Orton could have an excellent match. Instead, I predict Orton will have an even worse match than he did at Mania.

Match 2: Naomi vs Charlotte

These two worked very well together, and I’m excited to see what they can do in a ppv title match. I’m just hoping that actually happens, seeing as the title match Charlotte received by winning here was slated for next week.

Match 3: American Alpha vs The Colons

Not much to see here, other than The Colons getting a bigger win than they’ve ever gotten while called The Shining Stars. I’m not sure if they’re gonna go after the titles though, seeing as the Usos have them, who are also heels.

Match 4: Kevin Owens Face of America Open Challenge

I love this new gimmick from KO, it fits him perfectly. His opponent got a pop simply for being from Kentucky, but he was quickly demolished and pinned in seconds. Owens went on commentary for the main event…

Match 5: AJ Styles vs Baron Corbin

This was fun while it lasted. Corbin was protected with the count out ending, while AJ looked strong and technically got 1 up on Owens leading into Payback. Now all I wonder is where does Corbin go from here?

overall, somewhat mediocre, but necessary Episode. Next week is the go home show for Payback, so hopefully it’s a better show.

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