@JackWannan’s 205 Live Review 4/18/17


It’s time for another episode of 205 Live! We really didn’t get much Cruiserweight stuff on RAW this week, and not much is planned for this week, but let’s get started. Just because not much is announced doesn’t mean it won’t be a great show. Let’s find out.

The show starts with a recap of what has happened with TJ Perkins and Neville, how they became enemies to friends in a weeks time. After that we get the usual intro and pyro. Commentary team is Graves and Phillips tonight. After the intro we head to our first match.

Our first match on 205 Live tonight is Akira Tozawa versus Tony Nese. I’m calling it right now, Nese will win via Kendrick doing something. The two shake hands at the start of the match. Tozawa kicks Nese in the chest then does a Canonball onto him to get a kickout. Later on Nese puts Tozawa in a submission hold, and during this we see Brian Kendrick walk to ringside.

Nese holds Tozawa into the air for 10 whole seconds then slams him onto the top rope. Tozawa punches Nese and he falls to the outside. Tozawa then does a dive the outside. Tozawa hits Nese with a bicycle knee to get a kickout. Nese starts hitting Tozawa with crossfaces. The ref backs off Nese and talks to him. Kendrick tries to kick Tozawa but stops because the ref sees him. As the ref is talking to Kendrick, Tozawa gets a roll-up and wins by distraction.

After the match Tony Nese attacks Kendrick out of frustration. Tozawa then says this is lesson number 3, have eyes in the back of your head. I enjoyed this match. We had some good wrestling before the match ended, but I thought there could have possibly been a better move to end the match than a roll-up. He could have hit some sort of kick when Nese wasn’t looking. Anyways, I still enjoyed it.

After a quick break, we got Rich Swann heading to the ring to say something. Rich Swann starts talking about Alicia Fox, which immediately makes Noam Dar come out to the ring. Alicia Fox then after comes to the ring. Swann says “So what’s it gonna be Foxy?”. Fox picks up a mic and admits that she has been using Noam Dar. But she also says she has never been caring for Dar. She also says that she doesn’t like when he really, really stretches out the word Alicia Fooooooooooooox. She then tells Dar to “get outta here, we’re through”. As Dar is hesitating leaving the ring, Swann is dancing in the background. Alicia Fox then starts talking to Swann. Fox goes in for a kiss, but Swann says no. He says that Fox broke Cedric Alexander’s heart, and his final gift to her is that the whole world now knows what type of person she is.

This rivalry had a very long build, but it seemed to have a very anti-climactic ending. There was no real “whoah!” moment, it was just like “Oh okay I guess that how this rivalry ends”. Very odd.

We got another match to watch. Mustafa Ali is facing Ariya Daivari. Daivari made his way out to the ring dressed more “luxuriously”. That must be his new gimmick. They play a clip from earlier where Daivari showed up in a sports car, then was very aggressive with the car valet.

The first few minutes of this match were very fast paced and lead by Ali. Mustafa Ali does a dive to the outside onto Daivari just a couple minutes into the match. Daivari gains control for a short amount of time but Ali starts making a comeback. He hits the neckbreaker that he is oh so good at but it gets a kickout at 2. They both go to the top turnbuckle. Ali jumps off, then dropkicks Daivari in mid-air. Ali starts setting up for his finishing move, but he gets distracted by Drew Gulak who had a siren and a sign that said “NO FLY ZONE!”. Daivari takes advantage of the distraction and hits his finishing move, the Hammer Lock Lariat. That gave Daivari the win.

What I loved was after the match Gulak was standing on the ramp with the most smug look ever. It was hilarious. Also, I’m interested in how the new Daivari gimmick will continue.

Gulak is interviewed backstage after the match. He says he will stop at nothing to create a better 205 Live. One that has less highflying.

It’s now time for our main event! The new henchman for Neville, TJ Perkins, faces Austin Aries. Austin Aries does a dive to the outside onto Aries, then does a loud, rough chop onto him that echoes. Aries then climbs to the top rope, but Perkins runs into the rope to make Aries fall. Perkins then does some technical moves to Aries in the ring. Aries goes for some sort of jump but TJ dodges and he tweaks his knee, then TJP put Aries into the Kneebar. Aries escapes. Aries hits a 450 and goes for the pin, but Perkins puts a leg on a rope. He then goes for a the Last Chancery, which TJ also escapes. He hits the Disqus Forearm for the win. Aries gets the win, but after Neville comes in for a fight. He puts Neville in the Last Chancery, but TJP comes back in and the heels win the brawl.

Decent end, good to see the heels ending the show this week. I feel it should be that way.

That wraps up this episode of 205 Live! The heels end the show on top! Rich Swann gets some revenge for his friend Cedric Alexander! Drew Gulak gets into Mustafa’s business even more! Lot’s to talk about after this episode. Can’t wait to review the next one, but until then I gotta go. See you soon!



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