Equal’s WWE Smackdown Review (4/11/17)


Hey everyone,

This is my first time doing anything like this, so here goes.

First off, I think it’ll be best to tell you overall what I thought of the show before I get into results in case someone reading this hasn’t watched the show. Overall, I thought it was a pretty good Smackdown, with four very good segments, those being the opening segment, the Ziggler/Nakamura promo, tag title match, and the main event. It also helped that these were spread out throughout the show, so there weren’t long periods of filler matches/promos.


Alright, let’s get into the show.


First, I loved the opening segment with Kevin Owens announcing his arrival to SDLIVE , only to get interrupted by Zayn (surprised he got moved) Corbin, and Styles, all these guys are great on the mic, and Daniel Bryan set up an awesome main event: Zayn, Styles, and Corbin in a triple threat number 1 contender match for the US Title. Spoiler: It was a great match


Match 1: Randy Orton def Erick Rowan by DQ

This match was alright, more back and forth than I expected, but the most interesting thing about it was Wyatt interrupting the match on the Tron to distract Orton, which I guess means their House of Horrors match is still on whenever the next ppv is. Either I’m not paying attention or they’ve made no mention of when the next SD ppv is or what it’s called. Anyways, this match was fine, but forgettable.


Match 2: American Alpha vs The Usos(c) Tag Team Title Match

Result: Usos by pinfall

This was awesome. Both teams had some awesome spots, including one where the usos both went for suicide dives only to be caught with belly to belly suplexes. I thought AA were  gonna win the belts back until the finish, which is about as good as it gets in a title match on TV.

After the match, Shining Stars came out without their usual gear, just jeans, and hit a sick powerbomb into a backstabber on Gable. Hopefully Epico and Primo will be taken seriously now.

Match 3: Mojo Rawley def Jinder Mahal by Pinfall.

This was nothing. Gronk was in the crowd and threw his beer on Jinder, and Mojo won a minute later. Woohoo. What a debut for Mahal on Smackdown!

Theres a segment introducing the new women on Smackdown. James Ellsworth says the most ridiculous thing I think I’ve ever heard all week: The only reason anyone is tuning into SD is Carmella. I got a good laugh out of that. Shane teased announcing a high profile wrestler only for Tamina to come out. Was that even a trade? As far as I know she hasn’t been on Raw in years. Anyways, she could have potential if booked seriously. Next comes Charlotte, which is good and bad, good because she’s an awesome wrestler, but bad because I loved Alexa Bliss and I think SD was a better fit for her, not to mention that a 2 hour SD is way easier to watch than a Three hour raw. Either way, hopefully Charlotte and Becky tear the house down again just like they did in NXT.

Match 4: Tye Dillinger def Aiden English by Pinfall

This was alright. Aiden has a singing gimmick now that will make him the bootleg Heath Slater on SD now that the real one’s gone. Tye looked really good and I’m glad he’s on SD.

Ziggler’s in the ring after commercial talking about how the hype of the shake up won’t last and pretty soon the focus is gonna be on him, doing what he does best. Nakamura comes out and the dude doesn’t have to say a word, the crowd is already with him. Ziggler apparently doesn’t know who Nakamura is, which is a shame, he’s been missing out on some great matches 😉 Ziggler tried to Superkick him but got shoved down. Nakamura did almost nothing  in this segment but his mere presence is enough to captivate any audience he steps in front of. This match can be awesome if WWE doesn’t force Ziggler to get buried.

Main Event: AJ Styles def Baron Corbin and Sami Zayn to become number 1 contender to the US title.

This match was great. Watch it, there’s not much more to say. All Three guys looked good, there were some great spots, nearfalls, you could tell all Three guys wanted a shot at the US Title, which is a good thing considering the status the belt has had recently. This was a great way to end a good show.

Overall: 7.5 out of 10

* I should’ve added this at the beginning, but I’ll be covering Smackdown, SD PPVs, and NJPW PPVs. I’ll try to get thoughts on Sakura Genesis up tomorrow. See you guys later 🙂


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  1. Thanks for the great rundown, very informative and entertaining. Your insight shows through and your writing style kept me interested. Looking forward to the next report!

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