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Now that TJ Perkins is heel, we have a lot to cover. Perkins has sided with Neville, giving Austin Aries quite the disadvantage heading into his title defence at the WWE Payback PPV. That and much more is on this episode! I am very excited to watch another episode 205 Live, so let’s not waste any time and get started!

The show starts off with a recap of what has been going on with Neville for the past two weeks. This included Wrestlemania and the episode of 205 Live last week when Austin Aries became the #1 contender for the belt once again. After that we go to the live feed where Corey Graves and Tom Phillips welcome us. Those two will be calling the action for the next 45 minutes. They talk about what will happen with TJP and others tonight, but before that happens we have a different match to watch.

Brian Kendrick versus Mustafa Ali is our first match on the show this week. If you have been following my 205 Live reviews in the past few weeks, you probably know that I’m a BIG Ali fan. His highflying and athleticism is something that I love. He did a great job showcasing those moves in this match. All of the great action that you usually expect from Mustafa was shown in this contest. Sadly, the crowd was pretty silent for this match. I didn’t watch Smackdown earlier, so I don’t know if the crowd has been this bad all night, but either way they really sat or their hands for this show.

Mustafa Ali was looking for a finish in this match when he was setting up for a Reverse 450. Kendrick pushes Ali off the ropes, then Kendrick does the Captains Hook for the win. But the ref said he didn’t call for the finish. Apparently, Akira Tozawa was at the ring bell and rung it too early on purpose. The match continued, and Mustafa Ali got the win with a reverse 450.

Now I have to say that I feel the Kendrick/Tozawa rivalry has gone on for too long, but this trick by Tozawa was good. I’m starting to like this rivalry again now that Tozawa is going back and teaching Kendrick his own lessons again. I loved this specific example.

Also one more thing to mention, Mustafa Ali was being scouted by Drew Gulak during the match. Gulak was watching the match backstage. When Ali was going for the reverse 450, they showed Gulak, who was on the phone and looking frustrated while watching the flippy wrestling. Wonder how that rivalry will continue between them.

After that match TJ Perkins got interviewed backstage. He was asked about his aggression against Aries last night. The whole way that Perkins speaks is very odd. He sounds like a supervillian in a movie, if their script was written on a very short notice. Anyways, Jack Gallagher comes in and says that he hopes that Perkins will be more “Gentlemanly” in their match tonight. That’s all.

We have more wrestling to get to, so let’s head to the ring for the second match. Rich Swann is facing a random jobber. This guy actually gave Rich Swann quite the beating, but Swann of course gets the win with a Pheonix Splash. After the match, Swann gets on the mic and starts explaining why he was giving Alicia Fox gifts, but before he gets to explain himself, he gets cut off by Noam Dar. Dar comes out to the ring and claims that he was the one sending the gifts. The two start throwing insults, but Alicia Fox comes out to the ring and sides with Dar. As this whole situation is happening, another package gets brought. Dar takes full credit for this gift. He gives Alicia the gift, and when she opens it, a big thing of flour or powder or something explodes on her face. Swann is on the ramp is dancing and laughing because of this. Alicia is obviously mad, and Dar has no clue how to dig himself out of the situation. I mean, he DID claim that it was a gift from him.

That was a decent segment. It was super predictable what was going to happen, but it was still fun to watch.

It is finally time for our main event of the evening. Jack Gallagher is facing TJ Perkins. Before the match starts we see that Neville is watching the match on a monitor backstage. During this match every time someone dabs, the commentators both sound disgusted by it. They think dabbing should be outlawed. Hard to disagree on that one. Anyways, back to the actual action in the ring. TJ Perkins did this kick that looked nasty when he literally just did hard kicks to Gallagher’s thigh. You could hear the hard THUD for every kick.

This match wasn’t very fast, but instead was very technical. There was a big spot near the end when Gallagher hit a Superplex, with Perkins kicking out from that. Perkins ended the match with a detonation kick after Gallagher fell to the ground because of a leg injury. This was a great match, I thought the ending was a little anti-climactic, but I still enjoyed it. The crowd being damn near silent did not help this match at all.

After the match Neville comes out to the ramp and raises TJ’s arm.

Well that wraps up the episode! Now that Neville has backup in TJ Perkins, will Aries struggle on the road to Payback? One can only find out by watching Monday Night RAW and 205 Live next week. This wasn’t a great episode, wasn’t a bad episode, it just was an episode. Nonetheless, can’t wait to see how the next few episodes turn out. Can’t wait to see the next episode, but until then I gotta go.

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