Headliner’s match of the week 3-19-17



Bengala vs. Super Fly
No DQ Match
AAA On Televisa – March 11, 2017

Before the match begins Superfly grabs a microphone and talks some trash, I wish I knew what he said but unfortunately I don’t speak Spanish but I’m assuming it wasn’t good and that it was used to set up the match.

The match begins and Super Fly goes on the attack right away kicking Bengala to the ground and stomping him repeatedly. Super Fly kicks Bengala while he’s on the ropes and tries to whip him off to the other side but Bengala is able to reverse it and leap over him in order to hit a flying head scissors. Bengala hits a hurricanrana to follow it up which sends Super Fly to the outside of the ring.

Bengala runs off of the rope and slides through the bottom rope on the side of the ring that Super Fly is on and hits another flying head scissors. Both guys take turns doing some flips and showing off for the crowd before Bengala hits Super Fly with an arm drag. Superfly hits a dropkick on Bengala, which lands him in the corner.   Super Fly whips Bengala off of the ropes and hits him with a back elbow. Super Fly then goes for Bengala’s mask trying to remove it. The two scramble briefly inside of the ring until Bengala manages to backdrop Super Fly over the top rope to the outside. Bengala dives to the outside of the ring and takes Super Fly out with a suicide dive, Bengala then goes back inside of the ring only to dive over the top rope once again this time with a senton. Back in the ring Bengala goes for a backslide and only gets a two count. Super Fly gets the advantage and powerbombs Bengala to get the win via pinfall.

Match Result: Superfly defeats Bengala via pinfall after a Powerbomb

Match Rating: ***

This match was very easy to watch and it was a lot of fun, however I was a bit thrown off by the non use of weapons and dirty tactics given that this was a No DQ match. Either way it goes to show you how different wrestling is outside of America.

This match was good but unless you are a die hard fan of Lucha libre it’s not really necessary to watch it because I doubt it will mean much in the long run.



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