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It’s time for another episode of 205 Live! Austin Aries stepped up to Neville’s plate on Monday, and that story continues to pan out tonight. Will anything special happen with Alicia Fox and Noam Dar? Will Akira Tozawa finally get a piece of Brian Kendrick? Only one way to find out! Let’s watch another episode of 205 Live!


The show begins with what was supposed to be the beginning of 205 Live, but was instead a live clip of a sad AJ Styles walking to the back after losing in the main event of Smackdown. They don’t hide it at all – they show the stage crew setting up as Smackdown is still wrapping up. Interesting way to start off the show. Anyways, after that we get a recap of what happened on Monday between Aries and Neville. Aries looked like a total badass during the clip that they showed.

We get the usual song and dance with the intro and pyro, then we head to our first segment. But one thing is different this time. It’s only Corey Graves and Mauro Ranallo this week, as Austin Aries is on the 205 Live roster now. Speak of the devil. Here comes Austin Aries to the ring for the first segment of the show.

When Austin Aries comes out to the ring, he interviews himself. He asks himself why he decided to punch Neville in the face. He says that he did it because he could. Listen. In kayfabe, I don’t know what guidelines journalists can have in WWE, but being allowed to assault your interviewee’s means that your rules must be pretty loose when working with the WWE. WWE might want to re-evaluate their rules if journalists are allowed to sucker punch people mid-interview. But anyways, the final question that Aries asks himself is “what is the future” for Aries. He says “journalist” Aries is no more, but wrestler Aries is here.

Neville comes out to the ring once Aries finished his self-interview. Neville says that Aries doesn’t have the right to share the ring with him. Neville says that Aries has made many enemies “back there” (the locker room). Aries says that he is welcome to any challengers, and that ended his promo. This was a very solid exchange by the two. For a show like 205 Live that has trouble keeping the crowd after Smackdown, it always feels like a risk to have a promo start off the show. But even though I view that as a risk, I don’t feel that they lost any viewers because of this kicking off the episode.

We go backstage where Gallagher and Swann are talking. Gallagher is being taught something by Swann that Gallagher described as a “hip-hop” thing. Noam Dar asks if they have seen the flowers that he gave Alicia Fox. He was questioned if he was the one who actually got her the flowers, and he of course said that he got them for her. That ended the segment. Anyways, I would love to see whatever “hip-hop” thing that Gallagher was being taught, because Gallagher is hilarious.

Our first match comes 18 minutes into the show, with Noam Dar and Ariya Daivari facing Jack Gallagher and Rich Swann. Swann and Daivari start off in the ring against each-other. Daivari was very aggressive in this match and I loved it. This match did not last all too long, but the babyfaces got the clean win with Rich Swann hitting his Pheonix Splash. I also loved the teamwork between Gallagher and Swann in this match.

Once the match is wrapped up, a man comes down the ramp and has another delivery for Alicia Fox. It is a heart-shaped box of chocolates. Noam Dar gets mad because the delivery was late, but still flips into a happy mood when he presents the gift to Fox. Dar gives Alicia the gift, and Alicia is extremely happy and crazy (what’s new?).

Akira Tozawa is here and ready for a fight! He’s doing his screaming chant while he’s coming out to the ring. Who is he going to face? Brian Kendrick. Hopefully this time they can have a clean fight, but that most likely won’t be the case. Matter fact, they won’t have a fight at all! Brian Kendrick gets on the mic before the match and says that he’s not fighting tonight, but THE Brian Kendrick is. Some GEEK dressed up as Kendrick comes out and faces Tozawa. Tozawa, of course tears apart this fake Brian Kendrick, but you can tell that he is annoyed that he did’t get a piece of the REAL Kendrick.

When Austin Aries called out the locker room earlier, he got a response. Even though it wasn’t shown on TV, Tony Nese responded to Austin’s challenge. Now because of that, our final match tonight will be Tony Nese versus Austin Aries. Austin Aries seemed to show no ring rust in this match. This was no jobber match. Nese has his moments in the match as well as Aries did. Matter fact, it felt as if Nese was in control for the majority of the match. Why are we giving Aries a potential title shot if he is struggling so much against one of the low-tier 205 Live wrestlers? Anyways, Aries won the match via his spinning forearm move. It’s a basic looking move, but when done with aggression it looks pretty cool. Anyways, that wraps up this week.

Other weeks have accomplished much more than this one did. This week did set up a potential title match, but other than that not much happened. That’s not a bad thing, it’s just something to note. I felt the tag match with Dar and friends seemed a little pointless because the payoff was for Alicia Fox to get a box of chocolates. Anyways, thats the show! Hope you enjoyed the review, and I hope you will be here next week for another review!

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