@JackWannan 205 Live Review 2/14/17


205 Live had quite the show last week! Jack Gallagher, the #1 contender for the championship has nothing booked on this show, but the champion Neville has a challenge when he faces former champ TJ Perkins. Gran Metalik makes his 205 Live debut, we get to see the latest on Tozawa and Kendrick, and much more! Let’s get started!

The show starts off with a recap of what has happened so far in the Gallagher and Neville rivalry. It was a pretty good recap of what has happened so far, and it was a good way to start the show. We get some quick words from the commentators, then we headed to our first match.

It’s no night off for the lovebirds of the Cruiserweight division, even though it is Valentine’s Day. Noam Dar has quite the competitor in Rich Swann on the first match of this episode of 205 Live. How will Dar stack up against the former champ? Let’s find out.

Rich Swann says that he dedicates this match to Alicia Fox, but also says that she “can’t handle this”. Rich Swann has control of the match for the first few minutes, with the fast paced fighting that you would expect from Swann. Dar eventually regains the control of the match, working a much more technical “wearing down” style of fight. Swann works his way back into the lead, and ends the match with a Phoenix Splash on the middle rope.

This match was good! I think that it was a little too slow for my liking, but they brought Swann back on TV and he lost to the right person. It’s okay for Dar to be taking losses because he is a comedy gimmick, and he really is the lovable loser. I personally wouldn’t put this as the first match on the show, but it’s nitpicking to be honest.

Neville and TJ Perkins are in a split-screen interview next. The two exchange words, and that’s really it. It was a quick little hype up for the main event tonight. Even though it wasn’t anything special, it was good to do this because other than the beef that was made between the two in the interview, there is not real basis for their match tonight.

It’s time for Gran Metalik’s re-debut! We get a little video package about Metalik before he comes out to the ring for his match. Gran Metalik will be facing Drew Gulak. Even though it was a debut for Gran Metalik, it wasn’t an easy match for him at all. Gulak gave Metalik quite the run for his money, but after numerous minutes of fighting, Metalik wins via the Metalik Driver. We also saw a very nice dive from Mr. Metalik in this match. Overall, it was a great debut. Also, along with his athleticism, he has a pretty kickass theme. I wonder what they plan to do with Drew Gulak because he is taking tons of losses in the division. I hope that he doesn’t become useless, because I personally like Gulak.

We next see a backstage segment where Brian Kendrick offers Akira Tozawa a spot as his protege. As Kendrick is explaining what protege is, Tozawa interrupts with a cold, hard, “NO!”. Tozawa later on says “I understand you, I don’t like you”. If you didn’t guess already, there will be some sort of match between them at some point. Who knows when. It is always fun to look at a segment like this and think “Akira and Kendrick travelled to this event just to shoot this backstage thing”. It’s pretty crazy when you think about it. Also something to mention, the attendances for 205 Live seems to no longer be much of an issue. At first, it looked really brutal. But now, it looks like most people are staying for the extra hour of wrestling.

It’s time for our main event of the evening! Neville, who is facing Jack Gallagher at Fastlane, goes up against a former champion in TJ Perkins in the main event of this evening. This match got lots of time on the show. The whole match was back and forth. You couldn’t say that 1 person dominated this match. TJ Perkins loses to Neville via submission in this match. Not too often that you see a Cruiserweight match end via submission. I can’t say that I was a fan of this match. Nothing notable in this match. It would only make sense to have Neville win this match, so that made sense. Besides that, there really isn’t much to say about this match. I was put to sleep by it.

After the match, Jack Gallagher ran to the ring with umbrella in hand looking for a fight. Neville throws away the umbrella, but Gallagher wins the fight and hoists Neville’s title in the air. That wraps up 205 Live this week! I can’t say that I was too interested this week. Last week was so much better (maybe the best episode of 205 Live) than this week. I was pretty disappointed. I hope that something special can happen next week. The MVP for this episode is Gran Metalik for having a solid debut, and the rest of the show was “ehhh”. Anyways that wraps up my 205 Live review for this week. Next week is a new week and we can try to remain optimistic.


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