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Tonight we are back home at Full Sail U for tonight’s NXT episode featuring Bobby Roode’s Glorious Celebration! We open with a shot of our new commentary team of Tom Phillips, Percy Watson, and…… Nigel McGuinness! Sanity is coming down to the ring to kick off the show.

Sanity (Killian Dain & Alexander Wolfe) vs The Bollywood Boys

Killian and Harv start us out until Dain tosses him back into the corner and he makes a tag to Gurv who doesn’t fair much better. After a Wasteland to Gurv and a powerbomb of Harv onto Gurv, we get an Ulester Plantation and this one is over in a hurry.

After the match, Cross screams for Asuka before Eric Young takes the mic and again calls out Tye Dillinger and says that he belongs with Sanity. EY says he is no longer asking, he is telling.

My Take: Squash showcase for Dain. Nothing more really. We will keep an eye on what direction they decide to take Sanity moving forward.

Liv Morgan vs Billie Kay (w/ Peyton Royce)

After a prolonged vampire strut by Kay, this one gets underway. We get some basic feeling out between the two until a slingshot and big boot by Billie really get this one going. Liv manages to recover for a quick two count of her own but gets laid out by a big clothesline by Kay. The physical advantages of Kay come into play as she grounds and stunts Morgan’s offense. Things head near the ropes and Royce jumps on the apron but is stopped by the ref. Liv pushes Kay into Royce, who falls off the apron, and rolls up Kay for 3. Afterwards, Kay and Royce discuss things inside the ring.

My Take: I have to admit, I like the potential of Kay and Royce vs The World. I hope they don’t make them too comical moving forward and really put an emphasis on how physical Kay can be when pushed.

Tye Dillinger Interview

We cut to the back and Tye quickly answers to Eric Young’s earlier comments by saying he will NOT join Sanity. He starts to continue and wants to discuss the Royal Rumble but is almost immediately attacked by Sanity, who end up dragging him into the arena and tossing him inside the ring. Dillinger starts to come alive until a tackle from Dane lays him out. Help then arrives in the form of Roderick Strong and No Way Jose, who fight off Sanity and are left standing tall in the ring with Dillinger.

My Take: To Be Decided!!!! Because, it’s Sanity!

William Regal / Billie Kay and Peyton Royce Segment

Next, we are off to the GM’s office where William Regal is standing by to announce that next week, Tyler Bate will defend the WWE United Kingdom title against Trent Seven. Before he can get any further, Kay and Royce storm in and demand a match with Liv Morgan in a handicap match next week. Regal has another idea and makes a tag match between the 3 women and a partner of Morgan’s choosing. The women laugh it off and state that Morgan has no friends.

My Take: I stay spoiler free in regards to NXT but dear god I hope it’s Kimber Lee!

Heavy Machinery vs The Revival

Pretty decent pop for Heavy Machinery, who remind me of High Voltage from the old WCW days. The commentators are sure to mention that The Top Guys are extra pissed that they are no longer champs. Knight and Wilder start us off. Knight ends up getting Wilder in a bearhug and tags in Dozovic, who catches the thrown Wilder in another bearhug. Dawson distracts the ref and allows Wilder to escape and we get a Tully and Arn-like tag. Huge right hands drop Dozovic and we get another tag and Wilder picks up a 2 count. ANOTHER TAG turns into the Top Guys pounding away on Dozo in a corner. Tag team clinic in session until a double tag brings in a fresh Knight, who clears the ring. Knight is rolling until Wilder pulls Dozo off the apron and Knight gives chase and catches a DDT from Dawson for his troubles, and this one ends with a win for the Revival. After the match, “The Mercedes Benz of the tag team division” lay out a challenge to face the Authors of Pain at Takeover: Orlando for the titles and out come the champs, which causes the Revival to quickly retreat up the ramp. As AOP gets to the top of the ramp, Dash and Wilder quickly attack them and then run off again.

My Take: Another week of tag team excellence. I love the way this AOP/Revival program is going SO FAR. I think the sneak attacks and dastardly actions of the Top Guys will be very critical to this feud.

Tyler Bate Vingette

Pretty short and standard package highlighting Bate’s tourney run and what he hopes to accomplish in WWE. Nice set up for next week, even if it’s short notice.

Bobby Roode’s Glorious Celebration

The Champ’s music hits and the crowd starts singing. After a full spin, the lights come up and the crowd eats it all up. Very nice grey suit choice this week by Roode (Sorry, I’m a fashion bug lol). A more animated than normal Roode is on the mic now and immediately pulls out an “I told you so”. Roode talks about Nakamura and all the names he took down and mentions that he himself is not one of them. He says now we have a real champion that looks like, walks like (crowd WOOOOOOOOS as he struts), and talks like a champion. “Well now it is no longer “We are NXT” because this is MY NXT. And this NXT is going to be simply GLORIOUS”

My Take: Not a bad start to the Glorious Era. I feel that by NOT having Roode’s next challenger interject here, that it gives us a very important change to digest Roode as champ and then start to buy in what I like to call Bobby Overdrive. Whenever Bobby Roode owns a title, he really ramps up his persona to a whole new level. Thus, he becomes Bobby Overdrive. I have called him that few quite a few years now.

Tye Dillinger, No Way Jose, and Roderick Strong vs Sanity

After a Trent Seven vingette, we head to a 6 Man tag team main event and it’s The Perfect 10 out first to a massive pop. The faces rush the Sanity trio before they make it to the ring and we head to break. When we return, Dillinger has cleared the ring and Sanity is on the ramp trying to regroup. Wolfe in on the restart and Dillinger defers with a tag to NWJ. Wolfe fights out of an armbar and gets a tag out to EY. NWJ is rolling and tags out to Roddy and EY tags out to Wolfe. After some brief skirmishes we end up with Dain and Dillinger with Dain pounding away. Tye eventually gets away from Wolfe and tags put to Roddy who is taking out everyone and hits a facebuster on EY (who blind tagged) but Wolfe breaks the count. NWJ comes in and tosses Wolfe to the outside and follows up with a plancha. Roddy goes for a Sick Kick on EY but gets tripped up by Dain who is on the outside. Ref stops Dain from entering the ring and Tye hits the Tyebreaker on EY behind the ref’s back. Nikki Cross comes off the turnbuckle and surprises Dillinger with a huracanrana that takes him out of the equation and she distracts the ref. Dain hits a massive cross body on Roddy, who was headed toward EY in a corner, and this one is over as EY rolls up Roddy for the win. Sanity stands tall once again to close out the show.

My Take: It looks like it’s going to be Sanity vs Dillinger moving forward, which I wasn’t sure was going to happen after Tye appeared in the Rumble. A program with Young can do a lot for Dillinger, but only if it isn’t dominated by Sanity antics and a constant numbers game. I think the climax of this feud should include a match that neutralizes Sanity in some way.

Overall Thoughts: Decent show. We got to see a little more of the setup going forward now 2 weeks removed from Takeover. The only title picture unclear at the moment is the NXT title picture but as I said before, that could be a good thing right now. And it seems like the UK title is going to start off by getting some NXT shine and I’m pretty excited about that. Hopefully this is just the start of the title having a very active presence on WWE TV.

Well that does it for another week of the Yellow Brand! I will be doing an NXT focused Q&A on Twitter from 12p-1P EST this Friday so be sure to send me some questions over at @dom_scurlock

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