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The Glorious Era is here! We are fresh off of another outstanding Takeover event and the reset button has been hit once again by the Yellow Brand. We have new champions, some talent has moved on, and others are ready to take the next step and fill those new spots. We will see Ember Moon, the WWE UK Champion Tyler Bate, and we have a main event of No Way Jose vs Elias Samson tonight from Freeman Coliseum so lets get into it.

Ember Moon vs. Aliyah

After opening with a quick recap of Takeover: San Antonio, we open with Ember Moon facing off with Aliyah. The Texas crowd is really behind Dallas gal Ember. Loud “Ember” chants to start. Ember takes control with a double underhook suplex before Aliyah comes back with some big strikes and then a Northern Lights for a 2 count. Big clothesline by Ember and she goes right to the top and hits the Eclipse for the 3 count.

My Take: Nice, quick opener to start off the show. Nothing major here, yet spotlighting Ember in the heart of Texas was a good move. The crowd was very much behind her. NXT has done a very good job building her so far.

Takeover Recap 1

Now it’s a short recap of Dillinger vs Young from Takeover, followed by a quick Sanity promo led by Young in which he says they will continue to “take”. We then go to a vingette on Dillinger speaking on his thoughts before and after the Rumble. Very nice package.

On to a detailed recap of the women’s 4 way title match from Takeover with some post match comments from Asuka. She admits it was a tough match. When asked about Ember’s challenge from the Takeover preshow, Asuka says “Ember who? She work here? Ok” and walks off. After a shot of Tyler Bate entering the building, we come back to Ember who says that she will make sure Ember knows who she is when they meet.

WWE U.K. Champion Tyler Bate vs. Oney Lorcan

It’s Tyler Time. Bate is out to a decent reaction for his showcase match vs Lorcan. We get a quick “Lets Go Tyler” chant before some feeling out by both men and a quick left hand on a break by Tyler gets us going. Lorcan gets out of a Tyler Driver attempt and starts to pound away on Bate. Lorcan takes too much time and Tyler comes alive with a backslide for a 2 count. After a European uppercut we get a LONG airplane spin from Bate then a pinning attempt for 2. Crowd comes alive with a “This is awesome” chant. Lorcan throws a European uppercut but Bate rebounds off the ropes with a rolling head kick. Tyler Driver 97 and this one is over. Solid showcase match for the champ.

My Take: I don’t know who made this call, but I want to shake their hand. Putting Bate in a showcase match on NXT right after a Takeover event built around a Big Four PPV was an AMAZING idea. The best way to build the title until they get a show of their own is by strategically placing the U.K. champ and contenders across all WWE programming. Bate also knows how to work a crowd and that gives me high hopes for him and this title.


Takeover Recap 2

Roderick Strong comments in the back after Takeover. Says Takeover was just a taste of what he brings to NXT.

Detailed recap of NXT tag title match then comments from the Authors of Pain and Paul Ellering. Paul says tag team wrestling has changed and they are the new law.

Segment ends with a detailed recap of the NXT title match. We also get exclusive footage of Nakamura being helped to the back. Oh my, a Trips sighting as he comes to check on Naka. Kassius Ohno is there and tells Naka that the injury sucks for him and walks off. We then go to some Bobby Roode comments. He gets offended when asked if Naka’s injury saved him. He then plays up his win and says things will be glorious. It’s announced that Roode’s Glorious Celebration will be next week at Full Sail.

Corey Graves Farewell

Tom mentions that its Corey’s last NXT episode and we are treated to a package highlighting his career with a special emphasis on the injury and him sitting out. Some confessional tapes from the Performance Center are sprinkled in and add so much emotion to the segment. You really do feel his pain when he says he did anything they would let him do to stay in the business. Pretty dope to acknowledge him and all that he has done for NXT. Great segment

No Way Jose vs Elias Samson

Main event time. Elias Samson out MUCH to Corey’s dismay. Samson plays it up by waving goodbye to Corey as he makes his way down to the ring. We get HEAVY boos as his music is cut and he gets ready to play a song. No Way Jose’s music interupts and he is out to a nice pop. Samson in control early until a big clothesline from Jose turns the tide. Samson smartly rolls out of the ring but catches a baseball slide for his trouble and its all NWJ as we head to break. We come back and Samson is back in the ring and knocks Jose off the top turnbuckle and gets back on offense. Huge running knee by Samson on the floor a 2 count. Desparation side suplex gets NWJ back in the match and he is rolling. Pop up right hand and it’s No Way Jose over the Drifter.

My Take: I feel like we already know what we are going to get with No Way Jose so I decided to take a deeper look at Samson during this match. He has the size and is starting to put his storytelling skills together. Interested to see where they take him next.

Overall, not a bad carryover show coming off of Takeover. We will really see the new directions everyone takes next week when we get back to Full Sail. The Asuka – Ember feud may be the next big thing in NXT moving forward.

Speaking of moving forward… I will be doing the NXT reviews weekly here. I am thrilled to be a part of the Wrestling Heads team and look forward to getting to know not only my new teammates, but our readers and listeners as well. If you guys want to talk wrestling between my columns, hit me up on Twitter, @dom_scurlock (I engage and follow back!)

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